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  • Tales of Arcanis
    This will be a set of adventures placed in the world of Onara, which is familiar to our past earth, but strikingly different. It is a world of much political intrigue where many nations and families compete for power.
    *NOTE* Having the Players Guide to Arcanis and other sourcebooks is helpful but not necessary
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  • Mercenaries, Slayers, Wanderers and Thieves
    The introductory adventure is designed to bring a disparate
    group of characters (The PC’s are assumed to be total strangers from one
    another) together into an adventuring band and familiarize the players to the
    harsh, unforgiving world of the Hyborean Age. The characters will begin in
    Shadizar the Wicked, a city where everything has its price. They are short on
    cash, until someone offers them a job...</br>

    Enter the Hyborian Age, the age of Conan the Barbarian, a mythical time,
    thousands of years before recorded history. Here, there are no elves, dwarves or
    gnomes to befriend, just humans, and should you meet a monster, it will be a
    figure of genuine terror, not a convenient encounter for a few XP. A land of
    mighty barbarians, evil sorcerers, corrupt priests, tyrranical kings, unnatural
    monsters and doubtful morality (there's no such thing as 'alignment'). So,
    grab your sword and come along!
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  • Matters of Darkness and Truth
    "I've seen things, man. Bad things. Things'll make you scream for your mamma."<br />"Calm down, Mr. Banks, please, just start from the beginning. What happened here?"<br />Mr. Banks takes a moment to light a cigarette, and his hands shake visibly with the effort. "I can't really say, I mean, I don't know exactly. I came home, you know, kinda late, after midnight I'd guess, and the door to my trailer was open. I thought this was strange, seein as Maggie's kinda paranoid about home invasions, and all that crap. Anyway, so the door's open, and I kinda creep in slow. That's when I heard it."
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  • Canticle of the Dragon
    *PM for approval or via Tangled Web Profiler*
    Game Description: A Dragonlance Saga to be written in the Age of Mortals. Heros have come and gone before but there is always a need for new ones to arise and take a place alongside those of old.
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  • Inwards
    To get to the core of the problem, you must travel inwards...
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  • Keep on the Shadowfell

    The town of Winterhaven stands watch over a ruined keep that was once a bastion of good in the realm. This keep overlooks the Shadow Rift, a dark scar in the world that was once a gateway to the Shadowfell but has been dormant for many years. Now, an evil cleric of Orcus, Demon Lord of the Undead, seeks to re-open the gate, and the only thing standing in his way is a small yet determined band of heroes.
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  • Passages and Perils
    So: who wants to party like it's 1979?<br /><br />This will be an eclectic campaign in the style of pre-AD&D gaming, which started with D&D, changed the rules arbitrarily, and threw in anything that caught the gm’s fancy. The rules are open ended, but if you can roleplay you don’t really need the details. I can tell you when you need to roll dice.
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  • Door From Everywhere
    1. This game will post 3 days a week. The plan is for a late Monday, Wednesday, and early Friday post. If a character does not post, I will decide actions for the character based on character background and actions in game. <br />2. I will only allow character races that would normally be found in Cormyr. If you have any questions, please PM me.<br /> Cormyr needs a group of adventurers to search out a potential Netherese ruin, explore the ruins, and report your findings to the crown.
    <br />Do you have the right stuff to meet the needs of the crown?
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  • MERCS: Live by the Sword
    In a godless world where atheism is rampant, society is decadent, invention is the future, and where the secrets of arcana have been all but completely forgotten, MERCS follows the harsh but compelling lives of guild mercenaries.
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  • Without A Clue
    An empire of worlds, ruled by Emperor Shion Onacc VI and his enforcing dragon knights, strains at the seams. While the major races, (tiefling, eladrin, dragonmarked, dwarves, human and halfing) vie for Onacc's approval, these self-same races conspire to elevate their people above the rest, no matter the cost. Enter the heroes, abandoned on an island on a planet laregly inconsequential to the empire. They've no recollection of themselves or their pasts; they have tattoos and tunics in common.</br></br>
    NOTE: For now, posting notes about world and campaign; slated to start in June 2008.
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  • The Verge of War
    The Allied Armies of Phorint, Fistanthalas, and Testleheim
    are recruiting highly skilled individuals to form Special Forces Task Squads. The S.F.T.S will be used to undertake dangerous missions in order to battle the oncoming dragonarmies in the northern nations of Aracitstorim and Doras.
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  • Still of the Night
    Ravenloft. Land of mists, darkness, and madness. Barovia.
    The first land, and possibly the last you will ever see.

    Join us for an "old school" game of D&D, with a darker side.
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  • Escape from Blackstone
    Blackstone Prison is one of the many dirty little secrets of
    the Empire. It is the deepest, darkest, dankest, hellhole imaginable and where the Empire houses a collection of hardened criminals, 'political' prisoners, and those unlucky few who simply needed to disappear. Blackstone Prison was one of those places that everyone has heard about but was unwilling to talk about in polite company. Poor living conditions, horrible nutrition, forced labor, and a brutal sadistic humanoid guard force ensured that no one ever escaped from Blackstone.

    You are a prisoner at Blackstone. It may have been days, weeks, months, or even years since you were incarcerated, but the indominatable force of Blackstone is beginning to crush any hope you have that you will ever leave Blackstone alive.
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  • Night Falls
    It's a new moon in the city of Nyte. For over a decade, this city has stood as a defiant bastion of law and order in a world that has increasignly fallen to mayhem and chaos. Under the eyes of the city's Nytewatch, the Cudgels of Cuthbert, and the Arcane College, people here have always felt secure and disregarded the stories of what lurks outside. But recently, things have changed. Fights spring out of minor arguments, merchants have become more greedy with their wares, and even the shadows cast in the alleyways seem darker and more...viscous. Nyte is growing darker, and only the brightest of souls might hope to burn.
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  • Epicus Furor
    There is both Evil and Good in this world! Choose your side
    wisely in order to live the most epic story of Dungeons & Dragons game ever! Divinity enhanced and chaos everlasting shall await all thee who shall enter my domain...
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  • Masks of the Innocent
    NOTE:*There are major house rules that affect Armor Class, Magic and Saves, as well as how armor works. starting level characters cannot have weapons with to hit Bonuses at the moment. Check with me if you are unsure on anything.*
    <br />
    A case of mistaken identity leads to the PCs imprisonment, after breaking out with the help of a mysterious benefactor, they get caught up in the daily challenges of staying out of prison and something a little bigger. <br />Starting Level 5<br />No Psionics Races From PHB + a few house Races Heavy House Rules, check the forum for more details
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  • Passages and Perils
    So: who wants to party like it's 1979?<br /><br />This will be an eclectic campaign in the style of pre-AD&D gaming, which started with D&D, changed the rules arbitrarily, and threw in anything that caught the gm’s fancy. The rules are open ended, but if you can roleplay you don’t really need the details. I can tell you when you need to roll dice.
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  • The Exploration of the Known World
    The Scourge is over, the Therans have surfaced. There is talk that the Therans are building up forces since they were defeated at Throal and retreated down to Vivane. Kind Valarus III has sent out an edict requesting brave Adepts to travel across the land and try to spread word that Throal is uniting the province to stand against the Therans. As a member of one of these groups, you are requested to travel and explore, to bring word to those kaers still closed, to open up trade negotiations on behalf of Throal, to kill horrors, and abolish slavery. The task will not be easy, but the rewards will benefit the Kingdom for generations to come.
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  • Children Of the Phoenix
    A group of adventures almost haphazardly thrown together has just entered Parlainth. Their first mission to rescue a young looking woman from cadaver men was successful. When the battle is over, they find that she is not as young as she looks but has lived many generations, more than most people could even imagine living. Sonya has joined this group of brave adventures for now; if she likes them, she might join them fully and make them true Children of the Phoenix.

    Given to the entire group is an amulet that, can unlock the secrets to join an ancient order known as the Children of the Phoenix. Sonya is the only surviving member of the true order. The Children of the Phoenix were bastions of light in a time that darkness ruled the lands and to be of the light was not only dangerous but deadly at times.

    As the group with their new addition, explore Parlainth in search of three namegivers who have been lost since before The Scourge, they will learn to work together and learn what the amulets truly mean for them. What none of them know, not even Sonya, is that Anaya her spiritual though physical in Parlainth, has been planting the amulets in many different places, and there are others being drawn to Sonya. In addition, there are those powers that wish to capture Sonya and use her powers as a weapon on their enemies.
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  • Secret of the Blood Rose
    There are always risks in breaking new ground. Luckily those hiring you have all the experience and skill, a chance to learn from the masters. But what did you get hired for? Why are they cutting you in for a piece of the action? Now in the darkness you feel the comfort of the fire and your companions. ...and just beyond the firelight, the unknown.
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  • The Cradle of the World
    While the people of Barsaive and the Theran Empire withstood the Scourge hidding in kaers and citadels, other lands survived through other methods. The Theopoli Between The Rivers retreated to their cities, each gaurded by their patron Passion, where their worship sustained and protected them through the dark times. Their desert nomad cousins to the east swore a terrible blood oath to defend their families. Vowing to fight the horrors despite Death itself, these warriors still roam the deserts, protecting their kinsman.
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  • Dawn of Defiance
    Set after Ep III, Dawn of Defiance is a campaign being relased by Wizards of the Coast. It is a series of adventures that introduces players into the rules of Saga. Players will begin on Sel Zonn Station, over the planet Brentaal. Much more then that I can not say, or it would give away game secrets. </br></br>NOTE: You can only use the Saga Edition Core Rulebook, plus any Web Enchancements posted by WoTC on their offical Star Wars RPG website. No Dark Siders please.
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  • Fish out of Water
    Post New Hope Pre Empire Strikes Back. Rebelion, No IMPS
    unless you want to feel lonely... You have recently been freed from a slave ship having been stolen from your homeworld. Everything you have has been given to you from the Aliance. You are ready to get out and explore the core and the out
    rim and beyond, and the Aliance has missions to help you do just that. The best thing is you don\'t even have to say you are apart of the Aliance, just send them information on your findings every once and a while. There is a group of 8 of you (two NPCs). You have a ship, and a gallaxy to explore. Will you join
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  • Shadows of the Dragon
    The world of Torgoth is a peaceful world, where law and
    choas are held in careful balance. Items of great power were created in ages past, some found, some destroyed, others still lost. Ruins dot the landscape, kingdoms and empires rule the two continents, while many planes surround the material world giving a varity of places to visit outside of Torgoth. In the shadows lurk villians who would do anything to upset the careful balance of power and create a dark world filled with chaos and destruction.

    Please, no evil alignment characters. :-)
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  • The Clone Wars
    It is a time of war, the galaxy is slowly being taken over by
    the CSI, while the Republic and Jedi Order struggle to keep worlds from joining the enemy. Shadows grow over many worlds as the Clone Wars rage on. The worlds hang in the balance as clone troopers and Jedi generals fight to keep the
    Republic safe.

    Only want 1 Jedi please. First come, first serve.
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  • Lost Relics: Machines of War
    The year is 4055, and the Earth has suffered. In 2025 humans discovered how to build Mecha, and did so in great numbers and different sizes for all manner of things. They built cities, they helped advance the race, but they also made war. Mecha war was perhaps the worst kind, for Mechas not only destroyed the battlefield they destroyed everything around that battlefield. Entire cities were laid to waste, in fact the level of technology slowly declined over the years and the Mecha were forgotten, burried into the Earth.

    In 4055 A.U.F. (After United Federation), Dr. Alren Veraten made a discovery that would begin a change in the current civilization. Found at a dig sight in New Mexico, a huge machine of humanoid shape was unearthed. The name upon its left shoulder marked it as 'Shinja 011'. Shortly after moving the discovery to a facility in the former base known as Area 51, Dr. Veraten continued to make astounding discoveries. The vehicle, for it was found to have a cockpit, was operated by a driver also known as a pilot. It had sophisiticated computer systems that had not been present for thousands of years. Current technology of Earth has allowed the first unmanned probe to be sent beyond the edge of the solar system, though Earth has estabilished no colony or life on other worlds as of yet. Technology is once more moving into advance stages though, it is very slow and dangerious work. The mecha, as it was termed, discovery made a major break through in computer technology. As Dr. Veraten and his staff poured over the Shinja 011, more dig sights were made across Earth, as the United Federation, ruling government of Earth since the unification of the worlds governments in 3002, begins to perform its own studies on where these machines came from and for what they were used for. Ruins of cities long gone were also dicovered, sometimes with mecha that have never seen daylight, other times with nothing more then debris from an awful battle.

    Now mecha are being discovered across the Earth, though not all is as pleasent as it once was as factions of originizations who grew hungry for power found a way to channel that power. A group of these orginizations calling themselves The Foundation, have begun to find mecha, and for use they might have of them, is unlcear. The United Federation is distrustful of The Foundation, but can, under the rules of the UFoE (United Federation of Earth), can do nothing against them with out proof of some illigal act, dicovery of terrisum.

    To this end, the United Federation has begun a task force assigned to discovering and using mecha. They called this task force, Allied Front, and have begun recruiting from across Earth, people who show interest in the mecha, or who show apitidude in being able to control them.

    So...the search is on, will you be a recruit of the Allied Front?
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  • Dawn of Fates
    As mankind is threatend by an alien force a new story is
    woven. This is not a story about heroes, this is a story about everyday people and thier survival.

    Will they take up arms and fight the alien force or will they flee?

    It's up to you
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  • X-Men: The Hunted
    They're all around, hopeless is just the beggining of your
    worries and you can run but they'll find you, they always do. They are meant for this. We, the next stage in evolution, have met a loose ends.
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  • X-Men: Out of the norm
    X-Men themed freestyle
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  • Standing on the edge of light and darkness
    An epic fantasy adventure set in the far east. In the third
    era of the Golden Empire the treaty of mankind and demon forces is shattered when a small martial arts school is taken under seige by a demon lord naming himself only as The Lotus Shadow.

    Whether your a student or a villager or simply a traveler your task is one of many, that will lead you on a twisting and turning adventure through a fictional mythical far east.

    Epic battles and plenty of adventure strap yourself in and get ready for the ride of your life ^^
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  • Eternal Requiem
    Make no doubt about it the end of the world is coming. The
    demonic army rises to the challenge ready to begin armageddon. They hide under human pretence. Blending into our society ready for their moment to attack. Conspiracy truly is the word here, they know everything about you, and if you dig too far…you’re a ghost.

    A group called the Veritas Crusade are forming humanity’s last hope, A special forces team designed to take on demonic forces. Occultists, ex milliatary, archeologists…their all in it together to stop the devil in his tracks and halt Armageddon forever!
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  • The Hearts of Others
    It was told to us in tales of old and between myth and legend, the line grows thin. They are in the darkness and what's known is little but yet, we are fooled. They are our fears, but yet mask their nature. Under the masquerade do they hide. They are the creatures of the night. Will you be a hero of the human world or enbrace the power that flows in their veins. Struggling for what little humanity they have left or endulge themselves in the beast. Will you have the courage or take a path for redemption. Are you one of them and try to save the hopeless or use the power for your own ways. Your fate is what in which you make it. For you cannot hide forever and you cannot tame what is not meant to be.
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  • Modern freestyle
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  • The Seventh Setting
    The world of A'a has known Seven Ages. Each age has ended with the setting of the Suns and conjunction of the Moons. As the end of each Age approaches, the Gods come down and name seven names. These seven people are those who decide if there will be another Age or if the Suns set forever. The Suns are soon to set and the Moons ready for conjunction. The races of A'a scramble to appease the Gods. The Lord A'a (master whom the world is named for) spoke to the priests of the world, giving them seven names. These seven people can complete the trials and herald forth the Coming of the Next Age, or end this Age and all Ages forever.
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  • Red Embers of Falawyn
    Falawyn is home, and has been for your family for as long as
    time can remember. The meandering brooks, the vast forests, and the towering mountains are as familiar to you as the sound of your own voice. Life is good. Life is simple.

    However... all things change.
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  • Tomorrow's Legends
    At the dawn of a new age... In a time of adventure and discovery... Living legends walk the world... As does the evil that stalks them....
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  • Kismet of the New Age

    A generation ago, the War with Chaos heralded a new age for the world of Krynn - the Age of Mortals. Just as the shattered land of Ansalon had begun to recover, a new threat from across the sea descended upon the populace: the Great Dragons. Larger and more fierce than any wyrms ever to battle in the wars of past ages, these beasts have brought terrible oppression to the land they now claim. Humans and elves, dwarves and centaurs, minotaurs and kender all suffer under their shadow.

    But the FIFTH AGE is not without its heroes. Born of myriad races, these valiant souls found inspiration in legends of the heroes of yore. They now take up sword and lance, master an almost forgotten primordial magic, and harness the untold energies of the human heart to defend their people from the dragon lords of Ansalon.
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  • The Cult of the Dragon's Claw
    In the kingdom of Eria, in the capital of Gaunt, evil lurks.
    Unbeknownst to the good king, a new cult has been gaining members. The cult has long been biding its time, waiting for the right moment to strike, and finally, their numbers have swelled. The moment has come...
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  • Somebody's Scroll
    Peasant farmers by day; hidden sword arm of the Emporer by
    night. They are: The Black Snow Willow.
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  • Toward the Within
    Play as yourself campaign
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  • The Fugitives
    A motley assortment of falsely accused prisoners await their final homes at Dreadhold Prison, when fate intervenes in the form of a Lightning Rail 'accident'. Will this be a second chance to clear their names and right the wrongs committed against them? Will they live new lives as fugitives? Or is it all a false hope, as the various factions seeking their re-capture or their heads closes in?
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  • The Fall of Rayer
    The Continent of Rayer has fallen into dispair, Chaos and
    Mass hysteria have taken the hearts of the peoples of Rayer. You must fight to save the people of Rayer and stop the evil from spreading to the rest of the
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  • Epic D&amp;D
    Limited Access D&D game at epic levels(21 and above)
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  • Nephilim: An Angels Story
    The city of Angels. Lost and wandering amongst the people of
    the west coast a certain few have risen up against the tide. But will they stand up, or merely stand out in the end?

    What is the price of survival? Can you put a value on your own soul? You can only answer if you know you have one.
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  • Haven
    Earth that was is now far behind you as you drift towards the
    endless black. The human race now becoming nomadic, thier only safe refuge out of grasp. The Rhy'ell hunt you down one by one, destroying the convoy of ships as you continue on your journey.

    Suddenly the ship starts to experience difficultys and you are forced to crash land, But where?... what is happening? and why did they pull away as you neared that planet?

    You are the last surviors of the human race, but at what costs?
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  • Medieval freestyle
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  • D&amp;D Medieval
    (Some Moderation) This game is your standard D&D game once we get some people we will develop a plot and have it more detailed as time goes on.
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  • Earth's Red Dawning
    Life in Kaer Tarislar has been the same for a millenium, but now a force of terrible evil seeks entrance, and the residents are trapped within. Who within the kaer could face the evil and bring Tarislar back into the light of dawn...?
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  • Alucindru's Warrior
    Alucindru was once a great god, once, he was overtaken by his pride, honour and love for his race. The race of the elves, and evil seems to be spreading quickly over the Kingdom of Feruin. The only one who can help, is the only one that is the least obvious. Alucindru chose her as she was born, no one knew it apart from herself, so she fights evil. Waiting for new alies and enemies to encounter, you could be the one that helps the journey along.
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  • Veon Erdokia
    The lands of Veon Erdokia, formed centuries ago. The lands are a picturesque sight to behold, full of a wide variety of creatures and people in one community.

    Veon consists of several main sites: the Castle, the Forest and Cemetary, and lastly, the Village, and the Council. There are still positions open for various shop-owners, positions in the Legion, and several others. Some must be discussed by the council for approval.

    Our history is a past filled with battles, between Veon and other forces, as well as within the community itself. Life here can be difficult, but beautiful as well.

    Veon Legion is a Medieval Kingdom. The poeple of Leoric Castle are called the Veonians. The royal family are all of the Vampiric Race. The Main Village of Veon is called Esquallondria and the citizens are of many races such as Elves..angels...Mages....humans.. It is a kingdom of peace and harmony.
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  • A Troubled Time
    D&D 3.0 non-english campaign. D&D 3 &#949;&#954;&#963;&#964;&#961;&#945;&#964;&#949;&#943;&#945; &#956;&#951;-&#945;&#947;&#947;&#955;&#953;&#954;&#940;.
    5 Topics
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    Thu June 09 05 ; 5 01 am
  • Bloodfang
    In a time when Vampires fight against the Living for superiority, one group has been destined by fate to bring an end to the war... Whether it be in favor of the Living or the Dead hangs on their own choices.
    4 Topics
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    Sat April 30 05 ; 10 18 am
  • Expedition to FrostFell
    Dear Soldier,

    As a member of the kings royal army you have chosen or been chosen to take part in this expansionary expedition to the northern island of FrostFell. Your duty is to travel to FrostFell and complete a survey of the island and it’s surrounding islands for me. This will include a survey of many key cities and sites that I will mark on your map. The rumor is that there is a mountain in FrostFell made of pure Adamantine among other rumors that are equally or more far fetched. So all that I ask of you is the exploration and journalese of you’r journeys in FrostFell if you are up to the task. I do not intend for this mission to be easy nor for you to be welcomed everywhere you go, but I have arranged you to meet the Lord of the port city of Meric who has arranged a guide to help you in your travels. I can only promise that you will be payed handsomely for your work on your return and that there is much adventure laid before you shall you accept this offer. In which case you will meet at port Halengail and board the ship Saleen. There ask for Dleg and you will be given supplies and further directions. The ship leaves 2 days from this morning, fare well soldiers of the Crescent Sun and return to us safely. May Fharlanghn watch over your journey.

    King Romual of the Crescent Sun Kingdom
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    Tue June 28 05 ; 10 48 pm
  • Traveller - Velde Protectorate
    It all started as a simple raid. The special operations team that you are a member of was supposed to do a quick search and destroy mission when something went wrong.

    The warship carrying the team didn't arrive where it was supposed to. The ship crashlanded on an unexplored planet and it will take some time to make the vessel spaceworthy. And if that wasn't bad enough, the natives are quite hostile.

    It's up to the team to find out what they can about the planet and to keep the natives from destroying the ship until you can escape.
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    Tue March 22 05 ; 11 35 pm
  • Call of the Wyrme
    It's the end of the Kingdom, and the end of its subjects. A terrible and powerful force has emerged, a new nation springing from the seas themselves, sucking the essence from the world to feed its terrible hunger.

    There is one hope. Send the most powerful of the Kingdom's inhabitants to fight for the right to live...
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    Tue November 15 05 ; 4 26 pm
  • Chaos Theory
    Seattle's a tough place at the best of times, and times are definitely not at their best. There's a bad wind blowing. The Megacorps are stirring the pot, and Seattle's feeling the fire. On top of everything else, there's a new cult in town, and people are disappearing off the streets.

    Of course, caught in the middle, a small group of Runners are just trying to make a dollar.
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    Tue July 12 05 ; 12 40 pm
  • Dark Legacy
    Blame it on the droid, blame it on the Empire, blame it on your genes. Life was simple until that damned silver-skinned tin can brought you the message, and now the whole universe is getting turned on it's ear.

    It would be better, far better, if you didn't know. But now you do, and there's no going back.
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    Fri February 04 05 ; 11 21 am
  • Rhythm of Time
    A campaign of adventures that I happen to find and things that I piece together that will hopefully form a storyline as we go.
    6 Topics
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    Last post Re: OOC Stuff
    by Erik Nimblehands View the latest post
    Thu November 10 05 ; 1 16 pm
  • Light of the Setting Sun
    Based on a combination of resources from d20 Apocalypse and the Darwin's World setting, a small group of people emerge from Cryosleep to a land no one could have imagined in their worst nightmares. Originally assigned
    to restore order to a world on the brink of war, the players wake up to a 'new world' perhaps not worth saving anymore. Gritty and violent, the heroes are relics of hope in a place that has little of its own. Here, mutation is a thing to be feared not wished for and even the highest level character risks a quick death from a shot to the head.
    4 Topics
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    Wed February 08 06 ; 2 56 pm
  • Beginner's Game
    This D&D Campaign is for *BEGINNERS ONLY*. Anybody who has never played D&D can join. How to play and the rules and such are all explained here, and if you have any other questions, the DM would love to help you out!
    9 Topics
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    Last post Re: Newest Announcement
    by Kyzariel View the latest post
    Sat October 15 05 ; 3 22 pm
  • War of the Guilds
    The Deities are long forgotten in the Realm of the Black Kingdom, and it is the time of the guilds. In their power, they assume none could threaten them, the land has peace. But is everything as it seems in the Realm, or are there those who would see the guilds fall, and take the Realm itself. Just what secrets lie in forgotten lore, and behind castle doors and in high towers?

    Come Join the War of the Guilds, for it is a time for those who wish to be heroes to arise, and to those with more sinister desires, to make the heroes fall.
    10 Topics
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    Thu September 29 05 ; 5 48 am
  • Terror: A Way of Unlife
    A chronicle of of degeneritive humanity and horrors thereof.
    3 Topics
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    Fri January 21 05 ; 1 23 pm
  • Memories &amp; Mayhem
    Things in Seattle are getting dangerous and the city’s not-so-honest citizens aren’t safe on their own. “Hey chummer, whadda ya say? You and me together against the corps? By the way, what’s your name? Hmm….what’s MY name?!?!?” A Shadowrun campaign for those too lazy to write a character history.
    5 Topics
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    Wed June 01 05 ; 2 30 am
  • Shards
    Fifty years ago, the people of the world called out to their gods, longing to be as they were, immortal. So the gods, pleased with the devotion of their people, sent their children to live among the people and to bridge the gap between the mortal and immortal realms. Along with each child of the gods was sent a crystal, and with each crystal was granted immortal power. To some went strength, to others knowledge and wisdom, and many other gifts of immortality. Each child of the gods watched over the crystals and a power was granted to each tribe.

    No scroll that we have tells us what happened next. A great disaster fell over the land, the crystals were broke, and the children of the gods were gone. The realm to the god was locked away from the world.

    In the world of Farith the sky is becoming dark and the water is beginning to become scarce, but only recently have these changes begun.
    5 Topics
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    Mon May 02 05 ; 9 19 pm
  • For Hire
    In every world man must strive against powerful forces. Sometimes he strives for survival, sometimes to harness and use the power. In your world magic rules supreme and technology is all but forgotten. Magic has been a great boon to civilization, however some would use magic to unleash great evil. When evil is unleashed you spring into action, you investigate, neutralize, and seal the evil. You are you're worlds First and last defense against evil powers and the men who seek to use those powers for gain.
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    Thu May 05 05 ; 6 06 pm
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    Sun March 27 05 ; 10 54 am
  • The Initiative
    With an epic crisis in Genosha threatening the entire planet, the biggest heroes from around the world are banding together to save the lives of billions once again! ... but this is not that story. The City of New York is left without its protectors and someone has to watch over it while the big names are away. Someone has to step into the deep boots of the X-Men, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. Someone has to take the initiative!
    Moderator: Gingerbread Guy
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    Mon June 30 08 ; 5 14 pm
  • Chain Novel
    A place to start writing and keep on writing and writing and ...
    2 Topics
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    Thu September 29 05 ; 1 39 pm
  • Stories
    This is the home for the author. Within are works created by our members to share with the rest of the community. Feel free to post your own work. Please be considerate of the authors feelings when critiquing a piece they have created. The writer often portays themselves through thier works and belittling thier work is belittling them.

    Please be aware that all works are to be considered copywritten and all copyrights held by by the Author.
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    Sat October 30 04 ; 4 33 pm
  • 99 Ways to play a game
    Each person writes a variation on a short story to show a ton
    of different ways to play a game with a simple plot.

    The plot is as follows The characters enter a room and see an adversary, then they will attempt to beat the adversary and we don't know what happens in the end.
    2 Topics
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    Last post the 99 ways
    by vadia View the latest post
    Sat December 02 06 ; 9 36 pm
  • Poetry
    Within these satin adourned halls you will find creative ramblings and soulful insights of our members. Please respect the works contained within as these are mere reflections of ourselves and our emotions and to belittle the works are belittling the author.

    Please be aware that all works are to be considered copywritten and all copyrights held by by the Author.
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  • Artwork
    This is the home for the graphic artist. Within are works created by our members to share with the rest of the community. Feel free to post your own work. Please be considerate of the artists feelings when critiquing a piece they have created. The artist often portays themselves through thier works and belittling thier work is belittling them.

    Please be aware that all works are to be considered copywritten and all copyrights held by by the Author.
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  • Tolkien Discussions
    This forum is for discussing J.R.R. Tolkiens written works & movies based on them.
    Moderator: Remus Lupin
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