Meeting of strangers

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Re: Meeting of strangers

by Hypo Luxa » Thu April 03 08 ; 6 51 am

Please move on to the next forum, Chapter 1: The Orb

by wildfox » Tue March 25 08 ; 3 35 am

ooc: whoops sorry, mistyped before, Durahn was investigating whether not eating the fruit was the right decision, so he was investigating the effects of it on the other two who ate it :P

Re: Meeting of strangers

by Gingerbread Guy » Mon March 24 08 ; 9 43 pm

Mason stares at Arell and immediately recognizes in her expression the exhaustion and frustration he'd been feeling. "You too, huh?" He mumbles a few curse words better left unheard. "Of all the ways to spend a sleepless night with a fine looking lass, that wasn't one of them."

The cranky monk takes out some of his frustrations on his breakfast of cured meat and dry bread. As he crams his belongings roughly back into his duffel bag and stamps out the last embers of the bonfire, it becomes apparent that the jovial mood he was in the day before wasn't coming back any time soon.

by Genghis » Mon March 24 08 ; 6 23 pm

Arell glares at the young cleric but says nothing. It was going to be hard to concentrate today...

Re: Meeting of strangers

by Kord » Mon March 24 08 ; 4 14 pm

Payton wakes restfully and let's out a long yawn. "Well that wasn't all that bad. I feel uppity and ready to go."

Re: Meeting of strangers

by Gingerbread Guy » Mon March 24 08 ; 1 49 pm

Bags hang under Mason's eyes and he grumbles to himself incoherently as he sits up on his bedroll. "Uhfff.." he sighs, scratching his messy head. Durahn's words bring a small smile to his face, however. "Next time," he mutters in agreement. "More instruments.. better spirits. Grnnn..."

by Hypo Luxa » Mon March 24 08 ; 1 14 pm

[OOC: Durahn never ate the fruit.. he pocketed it. Only Arell and Mason actually ate it.]

by Genghis » Mon March 24 08 ; 1 12 pm

OOC: Check Hypo's post, it was Arell and Mason who ARE exhausted, not the other way around...

Re: Meeting of strangers

by wildfox » Mon March 24 08 ; 9 58 am

Looking over to Arell and Mason, Durahn wonders if he made the right decision about not consuming the fruit.
Deciding to approach them and find out as much as he can he takes out his waterskin and offers it to them.
Inexperienced at starting conversations and forming sentences that tend to be monosyllabic in nature he thinks for a moment while looking at them.
Finally his mouth twists around his words.
"Perhaps next time we can get both these shy young things to dance." he says while motioning to Arell and Payton and attempting a sort of jovial smile.
Taking a moment to think again he forges ahead "... How did the two of you sleep? You look tired."

Re: Meeting of strangers

by Hypo Luxa » Mon March 24 08 ; 8 45 am

As the night approaches midnight, the breeze picks up and with it brings a chill to the air and nothing more than a few wild animal calls to entertain the person on watch. The stars shine brightly in teh crisp night air like little pin pricks in the blanket of the sky, which Arell and Mason note as they try to sleep with little to no success. As each doze off, the absence of dreams forces you to wake back up only to find that haven't been dozing very long at all.

As the morning approaches and everyone wakes up to warm sunlight raining down to drive the chilly night air away, everyone except Arell and Mason feel well rested and invigorated. Arell realizes that the plants meant it literally when they mentioned feeding off of dreams.

by Genghis » Sun March 23 08 ; 7 03 pm

OOC: yuppers

by wildfox » Sat March 22 08 ; 11 58 pm

OOC: Aye ounds good

by Kord » Sat March 22 08 ; 2 39 pm

Sounds fine to me

Re: Meeting of strangers

by Gingerbread Guy » Sat March 22 08 ; 1 12 pm

Mason stops his drumming and scratches his head. "Hmm.. slow start. Maybe a big bonfire dance was a bit much to expect for day one, hunh? Alright, you four get off the hook easy tonight, but one of these nights I'll see each of you shaking what the gods gave you."

[OOC: Hee hee, I've been holding us up for too long. Sorry everyone. ^_^ Lets get moving! There are 5 of us, so 2 hour watches should give everyone a chance at 8 hours of sleep. I suggest that Havoc and Payton can take either the first and last watchs so that they can each get uninterrupted 8 hours. Maybe we can do Payton > Arell > Mason > Durahn > Havoc?]

by Genghis » Wed March 19 08 ; 10 12 am

Arell toys with the notion of placing her powers of Attraction on Payton, but rationalizes that Durahn migh tget violent with any competition. With the topic currently being dance, she tries to look small instead.