Children Of the Phoenix

A group of adventures almost haphazardly thrown together has just entered Parlainth. Their first mission to rescue a young looking woman from cadaver men was successful. When the battle is over, they find that she is not as young as she looks but has lived many generations, more than most people could even imagine living. Sonya has joined this group of brave adventures for now; if she likes them, she might join them fully and make them true Children of the Phoenix.

Given to the entire group is an amulet that, can unlock the secrets to join an ancient order known as the Children of the Phoenix. Sonya is the only surviving member of the true order. The Children of the Phoenix were bastions of light in a time that darkness ruled the lands and to be of the light was not only dangerous but deadly at times.

As the group with their new addition, explore Parlainth in search of three namegivers who have been lost since before The Scourge, they will learn to work together and learn what the amulets truly mean for them. What none of them know, not even Sonya, is that Anaya her spiritual though physical in Parlainth, has been planting the amulets in many different places, and there are others being drawn to Sonya. In addition, there are those powers that wish to capture Sonya and use her powers as a weapon on their enemies.

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