Expedition to FrostFell

Dear Soldier,

As a member of the kings royal army you have chosen or been chosen to take part in this expansionary expedition to the northern island of FrostFell. Your duty is to travel to FrostFell and complete a survey of the island and it’s surrounding islands for me. This will include a survey of many key cities and sites that I will mark on your map. The rumor is that there is a mountain in FrostFell made of pure Adamantine among other rumors that are equally or more far fetched. So all that I ask of you is the exploration and journalese of you’r journeys in FrostFell if you are up to the task. I do not intend for this mission to be easy nor for you to be welcomed everywhere you go, but I have arranged you to meet the Lord of the port city of Meric who has arranged a guide to help you in your travels. I can only promise that you will be payed handsomely for your work on your return and that there is much adventure laid before you shall you accept this offer. In which case you will meet at port Halengail and board the ship Saleen. There ask for Dleg and you will be given supplies and further directions. The ship leaves 2 days from this morning, fare well soldiers of the Crescent Sun and return to us safely. May Fharlanghn watch over your journey.

King Romual of the Crescent Sun Kingdom
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