Lost Relics: Machines of War

The year is 4055, and the Earth has suffered. In 2025 humans discovered how to build Mecha, and did so in great numbers and different sizes for all manner of things. They built cities, they helped advance the race, but they also made war. Mecha war was perhaps the worst kind, for Mechas not only destroyed the battlefield they destroyed everything around that battlefield. Entire cities were laid to waste, in fact the level of technology slowly declined over the years and the Mecha were forgotten, burried into the Earth.

In 4055 A.U.F. (After United Federation), Dr. Alren Veraten made a discovery that would begin a change in the current civilization. Found at a dig sight in New Mexico, a huge machine of humanoid shape was unearthed. The name upon its left shoulder marked it as 'Shinja 011'. Shortly after moving the discovery to a facility in the former base known as Area 51, Dr. Veraten continued to make astounding discoveries. The vehicle, for it was found to have a cockpit, was operated by a driver also known as a pilot. It had sophisiticated computer systems that had not been present for thousands of years. Current technology of Earth has allowed the first unmanned probe to be sent beyond the edge of the solar system, though Earth has estabilished no colony or life on other worlds as of yet. Technology is once more moving into advance stages though, it is very slow and dangerious work. The mecha, as it was termed, discovery made a major break through in computer technology. As Dr. Veraten and his staff poured over the Shinja 011, more dig sights were made across Earth, as the United Federation, ruling government of Earth since the unification of the worlds governments in 3002, begins to perform its own studies on where these machines came from and for what they were used for. Ruins of cities long gone were also dicovered, sometimes with mecha that have never seen daylight, other times with nothing more then debris from an awful battle.

Now mecha are being discovered across the Earth, though not all is as pleasent as it once was as factions of originizations who grew hungry for power found a way to channel that power. A group of these orginizations calling themselves The Foundation, have begun to find mecha, and for use they might have of them, is unlcear. The United Federation is distrustful of The Foundation, but can, under the rules of the UFoE (United Federation of Earth), can do nothing against them with out proof of some illigal act, dicovery of terrisum.

To this end, the United Federation has begun a task force assigned to discovering and using mecha. They called this task force, Allied Front, and have begun recruiting from across Earth, people who show interest in the mecha, or who show apitidude in being able to control them.

So...the search is on, will you be a recruit of the Allied Front?
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