Campaign Summary and Character Creation

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Campaign Summary and Character Creation

Post by Sandcrawler » Mon September 13 04 ; 11 06 am

Dark Legacy will be set approximately five years before Episode IV: A New Hope. The Empire is the dominant force in the galaxy, and it's oppressive force can be felt by everyone.

The campaign is set up around a core of four individuals, the details and background of which are up to player interpretation, with only one constraint: they must be human. These players have never known their true parentage, and the players may decide how and where they were raised, and what they currently do to make their way in life.

The game will revolve around these four characters, but if we get a full crew, other openings will be available as others join these four on their quest.

Any archetype is open. Your character needs to be between 18 and 24 years of age in order to fit with the premise.

No previous Star Wars RPG experience is necessary, only a deep love for the Star Wars universe. I will be using 2ED rules (d6 system), but for all intents and purposes, the players don't need to worry about stats after the initial characters are made up.


If you're not up to making a character, a lot of premade and templated characters can be found here: ... plates.php


Take 18D and divide them up into the following Abilities. Each single dice can be divided in to three 'pips' of +1. This allows the creation of stats such as 3D+2. Human characters can have no stat higher than 4D unaugmented.

Strength: physical strength and endurance

Dexterity: Agility, hand/eye coordination

Technical: Ability to understand technology and repair/upgrade/enhance it

Mechanical: Ability to manipulate machines/vehicles/technology

Perception: ability to interact with others and percieve your surroundings

Knowledge: your character's knowledge of the universe


A complete list of skills can be found here:

Your character has 7D to divide amongst these skills, and no starting skill can be allocated more than 2D. Again, you can divide a single dice into three 'pips'. If no dice are allocated, you can attempt that skill with the base dice in the ability that it defaults to. You only need to write down skills that dice are allocated to.


A good list can be found here:

More here:

Keep in mind that some of this equipment is not available until later in the Star Wars universe. I'll check all equipment prior to your character being OK'd.

Your character will have 1D+1,000 credits to spend on equipment. I leave it in your hands to be honest in your purchases.


Let me know a little about your character's background. THey have no idea who their parents were, but other than that, it's all open to your imaginations. Are they a senator, a pirate, a student? Do they have a home, or are they a wanderer?

Be creative.


to me and I'll proof it, make any changes that need to be made and then OK them for play. Once they're OK'd they'll appear in the CHARACTERS forum.
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