Forgotten Soldiers

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Forgotten Soldiers

Post by monsterfurby » Sat March 04 06 ; 5 17 pm

I am currently preparing a d20 Modern campaign set in a fictional modern/near future-age world, so I would like to know whether anyone would be interested in that. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

This is a small introductory text to give you an impression of my ideas about this adventure/campaign:
(for visual support: World Map
Flag of the Rosean Commonwealth
Flag of the 4th Legion)
It is Caldarin’s Year 3,996. The World has left most of its differences behind and is heading for a peaceful new millennium. The cold war between Nestrea and Vaskin seems to have ended for now and the World Trade League serves as a forum for all ten major nations to discuss their differences.

Not everything is perfect in these times, however. Outclassed by their neighbours of the Nestrean Republic, the former superpower Rosea is faced with high debts and the strengthening of their rivals.

In December 3,995, Vaskinian troops invaded the independent Island of Poccoa, located in the outer ocean between Rosea and Vaskin. While most nations of the western continent – even Vaskin’s archrival Nestrea, remained silent, the Rosean Commonwealth saw a major threat growing in the outer ocean.
When the new, authoritarian government of Poccoa (instated by Vaskin) proved to not only starve its people to death but also offer a safe haven for Vaskinian medium-range nuclear missiles, the leadership of the Commonwealth decided to take action.

In a bold and completely unprecedented assault, an infantry army, comprised of the 4th Legion of the Commonwealth, landed on the 76,000-square-kilometer island and began to set up a beachhead. That was two months ago.

Today, the situation looks grim for the Rosean troops. Outmanned, outgunned and cut off from supply due to Vaskinian submarines guarding the sea routes, the remaining 2,000 soldiers find themselves engages in a battle for their very survival.

In the chaos of this struggle, a small squad of only a handful dedicated soldiers has been lost in the jungles of Poccoa. Little do they know about the role they are about to play in the upcoming conflict…
We would need at least three to four players to start the game.

Thanks for your attention! :DD

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Re: Forgotten Soldiers

Post by DarkKnightCuron » Thu April 13 06 ; 1 23 pm

Its been awhile since I was last on this board, and since I just got the D20 modern handbook, I'd like to join
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Re: Forgotten Soldiers

Post by Chaplain » Mon April 24 06 ; 3 35 pm

<---wants to shoot stuff

willing to play

send pm or whatnot

hope this gets off the ground

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Re: Forgotten Soldiers

Post by Kheas » Thu July 13 06 ; 6 37 pm

I'm Game, if any interest still exists. :)
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