Looking for a Dnd3.5 campaing

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Looking for a Dnd3.5 campaing

Post by Uvuriel03 » Tue July 13 04 ; 11 13 pm

Hey I'm new yet I don't have time to play post by post or chat by chat campaing so I was wondering if anyone is interested in running a email campaing for 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons :yell_excited)

Let me know by relpying here or emailing me at louism_knights@hotmail.com

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Post by Cirelc » Fri July 16 04 ; 1 09 pm

Just curious, how is emailing different than posting as far as time is concerned?

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Post by ImNotDrizzt » Sat December 03 05 ; 12 08 pm

Hey, I'm in, sounds like fun.
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