Temporal Investigations II

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Temporal Investigations II

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..an endless line..
..of cause and effect.

What if, the cause.. ..were to change?

How would you know?

..and what would you do?

A team once lost to tragedy has been assembled once more. The elite team of special forces more secret than the fabled Section 31. Their mission: To maintain and enforce the flow of time.

No longer is their task simply to investigate the adventures of past crews adventures in the past. Technology has advanced far beyond the need to simply investigate. To preserve our future we must police our past. Are you ready to be the unknown hero? Are you willing to travel to ancient cultures and track down those who seek to undermine our future by dissolving our history?

Temporal Investigations is looking for new recruits from all eras of Star Trek. Whether your character served in the days of Archer, Kirk, Picard, or those whom came after; our game can give him/her a new cause to protect the Federation.

Checkout the history of our game and prepare to join an adventure unlike any other. Our RPG has room for any variation of player. There are intense mystery and puzzle solving missions for those geared towards the intellectual style of writing. There are combat missions for the dangerous and thrill seeking players. There are covert operations for the special forces driven seekers. A diverse group of simmers coming together to form a story line unlike any other.

Are you ready to join the adventure in time?


Mission Logs

Current Mission

The Gathering [ Posts: 42 ] Mission Complete
It has been three years. Three long years since the Iconians came. Three long years after the sacrifice of lives in the face of insurmountable odds. The time has finally come to piece back together a team to carry on the task of maintaining the timeline. Zahavat Station is nearing completion and a new fleet is being assembled in the Moriya Nebulae. The USS GoldenEye has remained the sole resource capable of time travel since the battle. She now carries out the final task to bring a new team together and restore Temporal Investigations to active service. The time is now and the ones have been chosen. So begins the gathering.

Echoes of the Past [ Posts: 32 ]
Zahavat Station finally goes 'on-line' and fully active after three years of rushed production. As the temporal scanners are activated a distress signal is immediatly picked up from one of the ships believed to have perished durring the Iconia invasion. The rescue and return of Captain Murski and the survivors of the USS Verne is launched.

Upcoming Missions

Shakedown [ Posts: N/A ]
With the USS GoldenEye finally in for refit and the USS Liberté out of commishion for the near foreseeable future, the Temporal Investigations team is left with one ship in which to operate. The new Luna-Class vessel fresh off the line is ready for her shakedown cruise. Captain Murski and company fly off in the USS-Verne-A begining the system tests.

Einsteinian Creed [ Posts: N/A ]
There was a young lady named Bright - Who could travel far faster than light; - She set off one day, - In a relative way, - And returned on the previous night. | To her friends, said the Bright one, in chatter; - "I have learned something new about matter. - My speed was so great - Much increased was my weight, - Yet I failed to become any fatter!" | There was a young man name of Sneed - Who once reached an infinite speed. - He went into a spin - at committing the sin - Of breaking Einsteinian creed. (Full Episode Teaser To Be Added Later)

Metatron [ Posts: N/A ]
While returning from an observation mission on ancient Andoria, the team is visited by a powerful entity. Claiming to be the 'Voice of the One True God' this being claims to have been sent to tap the brave mortal crew. Without being given a choice the Verne is transported to a future time where the galaxy is in peril. Anarchy reigns durring these dark times. Charged with a 'Holy Quest' by this self-proclaimed angel of God, the team faces difficult decisions which could force them to break their own cardinal rule, the Temporal Prime Directive.

Bastet [ Posts: N/A ]
After months of research and development a prototype personal time travel device is nearing completion. When the time comes for the initial test a system malfunction ends with disastrous consequences. As a damage control team arrives in the lab Chief Science Officer L'Mina, along with the device are nowhere to be found. The base crew rush to discover what has become of their senior science expert.
Meanwhile, the Caitain awakes to find herself within a strange temple surrounded by a large group of Humans. These people appear to revere the felinoid being as some type of goddess. To further the gravity of the situation, L’Mina has recently gone into her ‘heat’ cycle; having no clue where she is, the Caitian decides to play along until a rescue party shows up. But will they find where she is? And what about damage to the timeline?

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