South of hell

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Post by Ashirion » Tue May 03 05 ; 2 21 am

"How nice!" Jarek thinks to himself "I needed a vigorous begining today I believe this guard will do. He passes the statue plateu and reaches some alley in the buildings on the otherside. The guard buckled up with a heavy load cannot keep pace with thief.

He rises his gaze and sees that the thief is waiting for him.He continues to run with all his strength. In the meanwhile Jarek left the fake image of himself just at the begining of the alley. He goes arround through a parallel alley and once the guard reaches the image Jarek sneaks up on him by his right. He slowly removes the miniblade from his sleeve and makes a rapid cut-and-take motion targeting the guard's pouch.Not waiting for any reaction he kicks the guard behind his knee and runs. The guard looks behind for any signs of the second person but sees nothing so he jumps on the supposed-thief but catches only air. He looks up to see where did he go but the image had just vanished.
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