Hylan D'Marcort (LN)

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Hylan D'Marcort (LN)

Post by Suyoi_Igarashi » Tue November 28 06 ; 5 55 pm

The entire character sheet, including feats and abilities with descriptions, skills, BAB and equipment can be found here:

Character Sheet Resource

Class: Cleric
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: Wee Jas
Level: 2
Size: Medium
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Weight: 165
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black with White streaks

STR 13 +1
DEX 13 +1
CON 12 +1
INT 12 +1
WSD 18 +4
CHA 16 +3

Hylan D'Marcort appears to be a man of his early years, eyes shining relfexively as he looks off in the distance. His dark black hair is well kept at shoulder length, tied back with a black leather ribbon, and almost unremarkable except for the start white streak like a lightning strike down the length of his bangs, tucked over his left ear. His white with grey lined robes and black cape are maticulously clean, as are his black leather boots. On his ears are two small silver hoops, and a small silver bangle upon his wrist with Wee Jas's holy symbol. On one side he carries a long sword and upon his other is a heavy mace.

Cold and distant, slow to make friends, most of Hylan's personality comes from his religious upbringing. Keeping weaknesses and secrets hidden from those not wise enough to use them, there seems to be a stronghold of knowledge to him. His answer are short, curt, and usually half-truth in nature. He is a true pragmatic and slow to anger. Trust is given only upon time related proof of understanding. Until otherwise, people are simply too simple or brash to be anything more than drones in the social systems; the higher authorities are often tools to their own codes as well as any blacksmith finds his hammer one.

Born unto human farmers, Hylan D'Marcort was given to the Church of Wee Jas shortly after his birth. His mother died durring the labor, and his father left him with only a nickle-plated longsword with his family's name upon the hilt. At least, that is what the priestesses tell him. When he was eight years old, he was in the library on an errand for one of the clergy when a skeleton went rogue and attacked him. The wound left a scar across his right flank. The priest in charge of him, named Morgrin, decided it was best to leave the wound to heal naturally as a lesson to what happens when things leave the nurturing blance of law. By the time he was tweleve years old,he was fully initiated into the Church of Wee Jas, given the title of acolyte, rising quickly with his high magical aptitude and his appreciation for order. He left to become a pilgrim and put his talents to use when he was sixteen, although ran into no serious conflicts. Several "missions" were only truly errands for the church. Realizing that in order to grow and fufill his calling, he slowly distanced himself from the root church and began exploring his own initiatives. He has never been in a physical or magical altercation aside from training and the study of such battles.
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