Some D&D Campaign Ideas

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Some D&D Campaign Ideas

Post by Skeeter » Mon June 19 06 ; 12 38 pm

Well, I couldn't sleep the other night so I brainstormed some D&D campaign ideas. Here's what I came up with... feel free to use them if you like them.

* A knight and his band of aides travel from fair/tournament to compete in general knight competitions, like jousting, melee fighting, archery, etc. Each person plays a different role within the group (like Knight, Squire, Diplomat/front-man, Animal Handler/Trainer, Healer, Page, etc...) I figured that the group would fall into some plot and have to continue business as normal to cover their actions in their involvement in the plot. This campaign seems to be best (to me) if the characters are above first level at start - like 5th level or so.

* A group entirely composed of Prestige Class (Complete Warrior) Eyes of Gruumsh trying to take out a particular group of elves (or perhaps all elves) to avenage their deity, Gruumsh. The party itself has varying classes (they gained before going the PrC route) and varying skill sets. Perhaps standard questing for Power Components to make their raid on the elven encampment would be a good way to start this campaign. Or perhaps they need to raise an army of orcs to fight elves.

* A group of 5 people, each completely missing a particular sense (one blind, one deaf, one mute, one without feeling, one without smell). They could be outcasts from a particular race or from all different races and have bonded together to spite the world and shatter the sterotype 'heroic' group. They will have to become a far greater team than any other group just in order to survive.

* A group of maximum 13 ability scores, using the 3D6 method. This isn't really a campaign ideal as much as it just a roleplaying challenge. The unlikely band of average to below average companions must cut a path using what god gave them.

* A group of gnomes set off to build the ultimate war machine and band together to create a functioning, gnome and magic powered robot. Kinda like they're creating a D&D realm MECH.

I had more ideas but I'm tired and need a nap. I'll probably follow up this post with more ideas in a reply.


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