Porting your AD&D v2 or Baldur's Gate II character to 3.

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Porting your AD&D v2 or Baldur's Gate II character to 3.

Post by ImNotDrizzt » Sat December 03 05 ; 12 48 pm

It's kinda tough, since if you're playing an assassin, unless they've officially restored the assassin guilds that were annihilated shortly after teh Times of Troubles in the Forgotten Realms timeline, then you'll be reverted to a standard Thief, I think.

Let's take Drizzt Do'Urden as an example:

Whereas in v2 and v3 his scimitars were a +3 frostbrand and +5 defender, Icingdeath and Twinkle respectively, in v3.5 they're reduced to a +2 Frost burst scimitar (I think) and a +3 defender scimitar. The lesson? Unless I'm as clueless as my paranoia says I am, then for any weapon that is used primarily for attacking you knock off one 'plus' and for a defending weapon you pop off two.

If I'm wrong, then just ignore my little ramblings, I'm just thinking left-handed again.

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