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Fifty years ago, the people of the world called out to their gods, longing to be as they were, immortal. So the gods, pleased with the devotion of their people, sent their children to live among the people and to bridge the gap between the mortal and immortal realms. Along with each child of the gods was sent a crystal, and with each crystal was granted immortal power. To some went strength, to others knowledge and wisdom, and many other gifts of immortality. Each child of the gods watched over the crystals and a power was granted to each tribe.

No scroll that we have tells us what happened next. A great disaster fell over the land, the crystals were broke, and the children of the gods were gone. The realm to the god was locked away from the world.

In the world of Farith the sky is becoming dark and the water is beginning to become scarce, but only recently have these changes begun.
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Post by Uvuriel03 » Mon May 02 05 ; 9 19 pm

Ah, as far as I've heard, I think Kiku is gonna have to dump this campaign. :( Sorry guys. It's been fun.

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