Veon Erdokia Castle*

The lands of Veon Erdokia, formed centuries ago. The lands are a picturesque sight to behold, full of a wide variety of creatures and people in one community.

Veon consists of several main sites: the Castle, the Forest and Cemetary, and lastly, the Village, and the Council. There are still positions open for various shop-owners, positions in the Legion, and several others. Some must be discussed by the council for approval.

Our history is a past filled with battles, between Veon and other forces, as well as within the community itself. Life here can be difficult, but beautiful as well.

Veon Legion is a Medieval Kingdom. The poeple of Leoric Castle are called the Veonians. The royal family are all of the Vampiric Race. The Main Village of Veon is called Esquallondria and the citizens are of many races such as Elves..angels...Mages....humans.. It is a kingdom of peace and harmony.
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Post by Citarna » Sun May 29 05 ; 1 09 pm

*Siana stood and walks into the garden getting suspicious of her mother.*
the garden...
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Post by Angelica » Mon May 30 05 ; 8 46 am

Ah! So Gentle. So Kind. I hug back Aredhel, kissing him all over his face.

I see love burning in his eyes. I feel his love. I only can hope and pray it

will last.

I fell a power greater than any I have known...

I let Aredhel warpe his arm around my waist as we walks together to the


(Continued to the Garden)
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Post by Annaelia » Wed June 01 05 ; 11 25 am

Well done Commander Hellion...

''To be continued in the Garden''

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