the gods and goddesses of the world....

It's the end of the Kingdom, and the end of its subjects. A terrible and powerful force has emerged, a new nation springing from the seas themselves, sucking the essence from the world to feed its terrible hunger.

There is one hope. Send the most powerful of the Kingdom's inhabitants to fight for the right to live...
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the gods and goddesses of the world....

Post by Sandcrawler » Fri June 03 05 ; 1 11 pm

The gods in theCall of the Wyrme universe break down something like this:

Porolis and Neera, the Father and Mother of all, form the basis of the universe. From their hands flow all things. They are inaccessible, however, by the mortals of the world, for to these two Major gods are far too powerful to even take notice of such insignificant creatures.

The Father and Mother begot sons and daughters, three of each, to whom they gave the earth to serve as a playground. These Minor gods, developing their awareness of the universe over millions of years, are really only aware and concerned with the goings on of the people of this land that they've been given to watch over. They take active roles in manipulating events, subtley to be sure, but most definitely.

They are (in order of birth):

Leoric: First son, god of strength and honor
Seara: First daughter, goddess of wisdom and knowledge
Graesh: Second son, god of progress and work
Besara: Second daughter, goddess of justice and compassion
Saegoth: Third son, god of revelry and mischief
Morane: Third daughter, goddess of love and lust

Twenty thousand years ago, Neera had an affair with another god, Houron. From them were born twins. When Porolis learned of the affair, he slew Houron in a battle lasting a thousand years which filled the sky with fire. After the battle, filled with the remains of the bloodlust from his fight, he sought to slay the two bastard children. Neera pleaded with him to take pity, and Porolis reluctantly allowed them to roam freely with his other children.

The two offspring of Neera and Houron were:

Gront: god of decay and rebirth
Neura: goddess of death

The eight children of the Major Gods played on the lands that they'd been given in harmony, and it was a time of prosperity and peace on the planet for ten thousand years.

Meanwhile, in the heart of Porolis, the Major God, jealousy has sown a bitter seed. Incised at Neera's betrayal, he had a secret tryst with the Major Goddess, Scerene. From their affair sprung yet another offspring, Chorolis.

Porolis was so angered with his own lack of control that he slew Scerene and cast Chorolis aside like unwanted chaff. The young offspring was forced to fend for himself in the universe. Eventually, through careful listening and hiding, he eventually learned of the lands where Porolis' offspring dwelt.

Angered with his father and hating his stepbrothers and sisters, Chorlis set about to ruin their perfect lands, sowing seeds of disharmony, greed, jealousy, and anger in the people of the world. Always subtle, and working from the shadows, the Minor gods and goddesses can never seem to find Chorolis and put an end to his meddling. They can only work to stop his minions from doing his bidding as best they can.

Chorolis: god of vengeance, bitterness, and jealousy

Which brings us to the present day.... The Major gods are doing that which Major gods do, and their children play games with the people of the world. Chorolis works to end their games by destroying their playthings, but his power is small when compared with the collective strength of the other eight. Nonetheless, his deeds are felt all over the world through war, famine, disease, and plague.
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