Character Roster - Group 2

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Character Roster - Group 2

Post by Kord » Tue January 04 05 ; 5 11 pm

As per the request of a member of Dungeon Crawl, please post your character's name and a small description of him or her.

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Post by Gingerbread Guy » Tue January 04 05 ; 7 12 pm

Bianca Crestwalker
In theory, one can't go wrong with a tall (for a halfling), tanned, youthfull and
athletic body, but Bianca is definetly no beauty queen. Boistrous manners, a foul mouth and the hygenic standards of an orc mark her as an extremist tomboy. Her long, wiry, mud-brown hair is usually worn up in a shock of a topknot to keep it out of her eyes in combat.

Bianca's chain jerkin leaves pretty much everything to the imagination and she can easily be mistaken for a man on the battlefield. She won't shy away from hand to hand combat, but much prefers to pick off opponents with strategic shots from her bow.

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Post by Uvuriel03 » Tue January 04 05 ; 8 19 pm

Ana Silverbell
Ana Silverbell is a 19-year-old half-orc, and a pretty one, to boot. She takes after her human mother much more than she takes after her father, especially strength-wise. She has thick, lush dark brown hair that cascades down her shoulders from the half-braid she keeps most of it in. Her muddy blue eyes show her wisdom, and she has fair skin for a half-orc. She stands at a straight 6 feet tall weighing almost 250 lbs.

Her studded leather armor is meticulously taken care of, as is her bow and longsword, the only things she has left of her father. She is incredibly adept at blending in to her surroundings, even with her large size. She has a quick temper due to her orcish blood, but she is also very compassionate and forgiving, things she learned from her mother.

Her history has caused her to hold a tremendous hatred towards wild orcs, those that live for nothing save blood and slaughter. She has learned to track them, and even though she herself is half-orc, she is hateful towards any orc she meets, mistrustful of any half-orc, and cautious around barbarians. Still, she is accepting enough of all types of people that she will give any creature a chance to prove his or her worthiness.

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Dir Trekk

Post by Morion Ava-lintitinwe » Wed January 05 05 ; 12 52 pm

A human from the cold northern lands, Dir Trekk stands at about 5’ 10". While to look at he may not be the most built human ever, what he lacks in pure muscle he makes up for in ferocity on the battle field. Though many have called him a Barbarian, he thinks of himself as a trained "rage warrior" after the tradition in his tribe. He finds himself far from his home now as he has hired himself out as a mercenary, like his father before him, in order to provide gold for his village. This is a task that all the young men of his tribe must do, and his is honored to do it as well.

Physically, Dir stands at 5'10" and is of an above average muscle build. He is neither strikingly beautiful nor horribly ugly; he is the epitome of average when it comes to his looks. He has rough, messy, black hair, and blue/silver eyes. He wears the traditional grab for his tribe, studded leather armor, and a cloak. He is never seen, if he can help it, without his Two-Bladed sword, "Fang", as he calls it, and wears it strapped across his back.

Dir is certainly no intellect, without the ability to read or write, and struggling sometimes in his speech, this does not mean he is a blithering idiot. He may have trouble with words, but he understands feelings more aptly then some. Perhaps it is because of his training in how to control his rage, but Dir can give insight into certain situations. That being said, Dir would not be one to be found at the royal ball. He is a Barbarian at heart, and the wild calls him.

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Enter Brooklyn Drakar

Post by tgooch » Fri April 01 05 ; 3 58 pm

Brooklyn Drakar

A promising member of the March of Sterich under the command of Blackthorne. Brooklyn is a favored soul which is a spontaneous casting divine healer who gets the powers of his spells from himself and not a god, rather, his god grants him combat skill for his worship. He is a loyal servant of Heironeous and a believer in dying for his country.

As a child his village was raided by an orcish war party and his family were tied up and burnt alive in their homes. He was away fishing with some friends when this happened; he had always got in trouble for going off and not coming back for days. In the aftermath Brooklyn and those left of his village sought refuge in a nearby fortress. It was here that Brooklyn was taken under the wings of the church and raised as a holy man. But his childhood haunted him until the day he picked up the sword and killed his first orc. He wept that day like never before and begged his ancestors to take him now, but his part in the story of this world was not done.
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