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Reference: Norfolk By Night

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Norfolk By Night

Young Blood is set in a fictional version of Norfolk Virginia. It is a city of some 241,000 residents and more than 100 diverse neighborhoods, with a strong business centers and rich culture.

In Norfolk, mornings breeze in with the turn of the tide; there's a good chance that commute to work and back includes brilliant waterfront views; and at day's end there's nightlife to be savored--whether it's a Triple A baseball game at Harbor Park, an evening at the Opera or a barefoot boogie by the shores of the Bay.

In Norfolk, life is not to be missed; it's to be celebrated...daily.

Founded in 1682, Norfolk grew up on the water, and its miles of lake, river and bay front are central to many of its neighborhoods and more than 234,000 people who call these communities home. The city's popular logo -- an elegant young mermaid, which can be spotted in outdoor sites from Downtown to Ocean View -- symbolizes 300 years of maritime and naval heritage and its modern reputation as a city on the move.

Noteable Locations
U.S.S. Winsconsin
Comissioned in 1944, this magestic battleship is now permanently retired, moored in the National Maritime Center. This popular tourist attraction has served in World War II, the Korean war and the Gulf War.

Norfolk State University (NSU)
Home of the Spartans, Norfolk State University is the largest post-secondary institution in town. Founded in 1935, it now has an annual enrollment of over 8,000 students.

Norfolk International Airport
Norfolk International Airport is southeastern Virginia's dominant airport serving the Greater Hampton Roads area and northeastern North Carolina. Offering more than 200 arrivals and departures daily to major cities throughout the United States, Norfolk International presently ranks in the country's top 65 airports in terms of passengers served annually, with 3.78 million passengers in 2004. Adjacent to the celebrated Norfolk Botanical Garden, Norfolk International Airport is surrounded by year-round beauty and has become a national role model for reconciling expanding air facilities and a delicate ecological sanctuary.

Naval Base (NNB)
Naval Station Norfolk occupies about 3,400 acres of Hampton Roads real estate in a peninsula known as Sewells Point. It is the world's largest Naval Station; in fact, based on supported military population, it is the largest military station in the world. The Norfolk Naval Base (NNB) is located on 4,631 acres, directly northwest of the City of Norfolk, Virginia. The Naval Complex includes Norfolk Naval Base as well as other Naval Facilities of the Sewells Point Naval Complex.

Botanical Garden
A local landmark since the 1930s, the Norfolk Botanical Garden now boasts 150 acres and 20 theme parks for visitors to explore year round. The Garden is largely supported by volunteers, and donations are considered trendy by Norfolk's well-to-do.

Sentara General Hospital
Ranked the third best hospital in the country, Sentara General provides top quality medical care to Virginians since 1888.

Check out THIS MAP for a closer look at Norfolk. (Warning, large image file.)

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