In the Warden's Office

Blackstone Prison is one of the many dirty little secrets of
the Empire. It is the deepest, darkest, dankest, hellhole imaginable and where the Empire houses a collection of hardened criminals, 'political' prisoners, and those unlucky few who simply needed to disappear. Blackstone Prison was one of those places that everyone has heard about but was unwilling to talk about in polite company. Poor living conditions, horrible nutrition, forced labor, and a brutal sadistic humanoid guard force ensured that no one ever escaped from Blackstone.

You are a prisoner at Blackstone. It may have been days, weeks, months, or even years since you were incarcerated, but the indominatable force of Blackstone is beginning to crush any hope you have that you will ever leave Blackstone alive.

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Re: In the Warden's Office

Post by StormElfstone » Tue November 15 05 ; 9 08 am

Isi raises an eyebrow at the bear-like man's comments; "...I would rather own the responsibility of such people and our overall success or failure than submit to the decisions of those whose wisdom I cannot judge farther than their criminal record..."
She remained silent though. She did not want to speak anymore than was necessary at this stage. She would keep herself to herself until she had decided whether or not to trust these people she would be spending the next (days? weeks? months?) with.

Isadora is not impressed with the trembling young man. He'd better pull himself together if we're gonna survive this... whatever 'this' is.

For the first time in several weeks the flame of hope begins to spark again in Isi's heart. It had not yet died completely, it seems.
She almost felt happy, but was careful not to show it. She knew the guards could quickly put an end to that.
She knew whatever task was lying ahead would be far from easy or pleasant but the chance for freedom would be enough to keep her going. With the promise of freedom Isi knew she could not let herself die no matter what horrors were to come her way.
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Re: In the Warden's Office

Post by chameleon » Wed November 16 05 ; 1 29 pm

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