Walking in the Rain

Blackstone Prison is one of the many dirty little secrets of
the Empire. It is the deepest, darkest, dankest, hellhole imaginable and where the Empire houses a collection of hardened criminals, 'political' prisoners, and those unlucky few who simply needed to disappear. Blackstone Prison was one of those places that everyone has heard about but was unwilling to talk about in polite company. Poor living conditions, horrible nutrition, forced labor, and a brutal sadistic humanoid guard force ensured that no one ever escaped from Blackstone.

You are a prisoner at Blackstone. It may have been days, weeks, months, or even years since you were incarcerated, but the indominatable force of Blackstone is beginning to crush any hope you have that you will ever leave Blackstone alive.

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Re: Walking in the Rain

Post by chameleon » Thu December 08 05 ; 2 09 pm

[font=Garamond]After everyone has selected their gear and returned to the other side of the room, Sargent Phinneus steps up to address the group. [/font][font=book antiqua]"You will be fighting in the following order; Wylan, Jared, Isa, Tegan, Kaspar, and Kith. Each of you will be facing two men at the same time. Any tactic is fair game both from you and your opponents. I ask that you not decapitate or disintegrate anyone as that makes it much harder for our medics to heal, cure or resurrect. Does everyone understand? Good then. Let’s begin."[/font]

[font=copperplate gothic light]OODM: Rather than have everyone fight solo, one by one I will have a thread for each of you describing your opponents. I want everyone to comment on what they see going on in another thread if they’d like. For example, if Wylan is crushing his opponent, Kith might comment that the guards chosen for this exercise lack the fundamental skills to present a challenge to the big man. Or if he is getting his tail kicked, then maybe Jared might look on it and say, “Wow, they aren’t holding back.”

I know it will be a little confusing because we don’t how the individual fights turn out so that if Wylan is left lying and bleeding on the floor then everyone else might go into the fight with more trepidation, but I think it would be terribly boring to wait for all of you to wait as we go one by one. So I’m going to try it this way unless you give me a unanimous opinion that you’d like to do it one by one.


[font=copperplate gothic light]When the DM laughs, it is already too late![/font] :D

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