Kaspar's fight

Blackstone Prison is one of the many dirty little secrets of
the Empire. It is the deepest, darkest, dankest, hellhole imaginable and where the Empire houses a collection of hardened criminals, 'political' prisoners, and those unlucky few who simply needed to disappear. Blackstone Prison was one of those places that everyone has heard about but was unwilling to talk about in polite company. Poor living conditions, horrible nutrition, forced labor, and a brutal sadistic humanoid guard force ensured that no one ever escaped from Blackstone.

You are a prisoner at Blackstone. It may have been days, weeks, months, or even years since you were incarcerated, but the indominatable force of Blackstone is beginning to crush any hope you have that you will ever leave Blackstone alive.

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Re: Kaspar's fight

Post by Talon » Sat February 11 06 ; 9 28 pm

Jared, who had been simply listening, finally speaks. I harbor neither pessimism nor optimism. I have no idea what lies in waiting for us, so I cannot afford false hopes or foregone conclusions of failure. I do however have a rather strong desire to survive. I will contribute what I can because as long as we all stand together, Our chances of getting out of this alive are better.

I think, after that little display in the arena, everyone knows what my contributions will be. That was merely a small taste of what I can do. I may not produce the sheer power that a magic wielder can
Jared smiles at Isi But my more subtle abilities can be just as potent.
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Re: Kaspar's fight

Post by Suyoi_Igarashi » Tue February 14 06 ; 10 23 am

Tegan frowns, looking down. "I don't understand. I couldn't heal any of you while you fought, but my hands itched to do just that. It doesn't seem like the combat was designed for me much." With a sigh, he frowns, biting his lip, wondering what he was supposed to take from fighting the two men. "I know I can grow fast, but I am neither the best priest nor spellcaster that I have known, and I am very limited in terms of what I can do outside of combat. I don't want to be the dead weight." He hangs his head low.
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Re: Kaspar's fight

Post by StormElfstone » Tue February 14 06 ; 2 11 pm

[font=Comic Sans MS]A healer is always a good thing to have around, [/font]Isi said sending an encouraging smile in Tegan's direction.
She was now rather enjoying discovering the different roles people would play on the impending excursion to the lands below and she would make her job to make sure everyone felt good about themself and their role within the group.
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Post by chameleon » Tue February 14 06 ; 3 59 pm

[font=Garamond]A bright airy, laugh escapes from Kith.[/font] [font=monotype corsiva] “I don’t know that anyone has ever been glad to have me around,” [/font][font=Garamond] Kith states with a wink.[/font] [font=monotype corsiva] “but I’ll take your word for it.” [/font][font=Garamond]

Kith rises from his chair and heads toward his cot.[/font]
[font=monotype corsiva]“I’d get some rest if I were you. When I spoke with Commander Thentias, he said a couple of weeks more of training and then a final exercise before we head out. These next two weeks will be tough, but not as tough as the Land Below.”[/font]

[font=Garamond]The next two weeks are indeed tough. From dawn to dusk the former prisoners spend their day working on improving their physical conditioning, their combat abilities, and their unique individual skills. Not once during the two weeks does Kith show any of the flair or ability that allowed him to defeat the six guards and once again he closes himself off from his fellow prisoners.

The group does see improvement in their skills over the course of the two weeks as they once again become familiar with their weapons and learn how to mesh their skills together. By the end of the two weeks they can more than hold their own against the guards in these mock combats. Finally, they are given word at dinner that evening that they will begin their last exercise before being loosed on an unsuspecting world.

Looking at your fellows, you can see the improvements these six weeks of training have had on each of you. Everyone with the exception of Kith no longer has that emaciated, malnourished look. Everyone’s muscles have been toned. Wylan has added bulk without losing his quickness of foot. While the training may have been an inconvenience or boring, you all see the benefit of it. One final exercise … [/font]
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