The Shadow Of Death

The introductory adventure is designed to bring a disparate
group of characters (The PC’s are assumed to be total strangers from one
another) together into an adventuring band and familiarize the players to the
harsh, unforgiving world of the Hyborean Age. The characters will begin in
Shadizar the Wicked, a city where everything has its price. They are short on
cash, until someone offers them a job...</br>

Enter the Hyborian Age, the age of Conan the Barbarian, a mythical time,
thousands of years before recorded history. Here, there are no elves, dwarves or
gnomes to befriend, just humans, and should you meet a monster, it will be a
figure of genuine terror, not a convenient encounter for a few XP. A land of
mighty barbarians, evil sorcerers, corrupt priests, tyrranical kings, unnatural
monsters and doubtful morality (there's no such thing as 'alignment'). So,
grab your sword and come along!

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Re: The Shadow Of Death

Post by cruela » Fri August 24 07 ; 7 59 pm

OOC: We kind of forgot this campaingn.Whyyyyyyyyyy? :( :(

Ankh_Ri moves around, checking the corpses, trying to find someone that might still be alive. "Please let there be someone." she thinks "I need to find out what happened here. And fast."
At that moment she calls for her slave. "Go check if there is anyone still alive.And call me at once!"

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