The Village of Falawyn

Falawyn is home, and has been for your family for as long as
time can remember. The meandering brooks, the vast forests, and the towering mountains are as familiar to you as the sound of your own voice. Life is good. Life is simple.

However... all things change.
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The Village of Falawyn

Post by Sandcrawler » Thu December 08 05 ; 1 19 pm

The Village of Falawyn

Falawyn is located in northern Barsaive, between the Blood Wood and the Liaj Jungle, nestled amid the cold peaks of the Scol Mountains. At its feet flows the Serpent River. Falawyn is home to some two hundred and twenty name givers, primarily Dwarfs, though not my a large margin over the humans. There are representatives from every race, however, in the following amounts:

Dwarf: 80
Human: 60
Elven: 25
Windling: 20
Orc: 15
T'Skrang: 12
Trolls: 6
Obsidiman: 3

Surprisingly, the ratios have remained constant for generations, and bickering between members of other races is limited to same mundane reasons that might plague a village of one single race. There is a harmony here, a knowledge of belonging that provides each of the denizens of Falawyn the calm assurance of a tomorrow of safety and warmth.

The village itself is really nothing more than a collection of rough wooden houses clustered around the Clearing, an area of open space dominated by a massive, old oak tree in the center. No matter the weather, the Clearing remains free of snow and even the worst of the rain during even the most torrential summer downpours. Legend says that Darlen Stonesmiter, a dwarf settler who first began the village over fifteen hundred years ago, had his soul joined to the oak tree upon his death. From that day forward, the tree has been known as Darlen's Refuge and is a sort of symbol for the beings who live nearby. Falawyn boasts only a smithy, a butcher's shop, a grainery, and an inn with two rooms other than the houses. All other village members conduct business from their homes, including the healer, Beezsel Whisperwings.

Most villagers are kept busy trying to maintain a living through farming or tending livestock. The Scol Mountains are unforgiving upon the weak, and through adversity, the denizens of Falawyn have attained a reputation for stubborness, even in the face of daunting odds.

Falawyn is overseen by Hront Stonesmiter, a direct descendant of Darlen himself. His role is more of an arbiter between quarreling neighbors more than anything else, though he also acts as the village's representative when the call arrives during situations such as visiting caravans and such. He lives in the village's largest home. By any other estimation, the two story building would be considered a modest home, but in Falawyn, it is quite spectacular.

Falawyn has several residents of note including:

-Hront Stonesmiter: Dwarf village leader
-Troykel Lafeneye: T'Skrang blacksmith
-Beezsel Whisperwings: Windling physician and healer.
-Amber Whanderson: daughter of the village's most pronounced naysayer and assistant to Beezsel
-Whander Liftinson: Village complainer and whiner. Also the village butcher
-Mat and Rhon Ghoreckson: twin brothers of fourteen and the village troublemakers.
-Nostrel Viggerson: Village storyteller and troubador. A bit of a slacker, but people tolerate him.
-Vargus Daneleson: a loner and outcast who prefers the solitude of the wild to the village.

For the most part, people of Falawyn are ignorant of the rest of the world, too concerned with surviving to worry about what the rest of the world is doing. When news of Barsaive does arrive, it is typically borne by caravan, and any news is highly sought by the villagers, more for the interest factor than any real concern with the comings or goings of beings far removed from them.

A troll village is located two days travel from the village. Contact is rare between the two villages. The denizens of the Troll village believe Falawyn a forbidden place, though for what reason, no one knows, not even the troll denizens of Falawyn. Contact, when it does happen, is always from a distance, as the Trolls will actively avoid those not of their blood or village.
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