Campaign Summary and Introduction

Falawyn is home, and has been for your family for as long as
time can remember. The meandering brooks, the vast forests, and the towering mountains are as familiar to you as the sound of your own voice. Life is good. Life is simple.

However... all things change.
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Campaign Summary and Introduction

Post by Sandcrawler » Thu December 08 05 ; 1 25 pm

Red Embers of Falawyn is an Earthdawn 2ED campaign designed for up to six players of Circle 1.

Characters will begin as one of the few Adepts of the village of Falawyn, a remote village nestled high amid the peaks of the Scol Mountains.

Interested players can IM, PM, or email character concepts to me. I prefer character sheets in Second Step electronic format, if possible. Standard 66pt buy. I'm open to almost any character concept you might have in mind. Run the idea past me for confirmation prior to making up a character, please.

Questions? Post them here or hit my email (nitra at

Thanks for looking.
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