Chapter III. Pursuit!

A motley assortment of falsely accused prisoners await their final homes at Dreadhold Prison, when fate intervenes in the form of a Lightning Rail 'accident'. Will this be a second chance to clear their names and right the wrongs committed against them? Will they live new lives as fugitives? Or is it all a false hope, as the various factions seeking their re-capture or their heads closes in?
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Re: Chapter III. Pursuit!

Post by Talon » Thu June 15 06 ; 10 35 am

Deryk smiles Sounds like a great plan to me. and falls in behind Tovin and keeping alert to thier surroundings looking and listening for any more surprises
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Post by Genghis » Thu June 15 06 ; 12 06 pm

OOC: OK, folks, I'm going to have to put us on hold, as this is a decent stopping point (or at least better than getting you enmeshed in a new encounter). Should you guys still be around and interested later this summer when I return, we'll pick it up from here! ;-)
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