Character Creation/Selection

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Character Creation/Selection

Post by Uvuriel03 » Thu October 12 06 ; 9 25 am

Pre-Generated Characters
  • Ooth, the half-orc barbarian
  • Eldarrin, the half-elf bard
  • Bjorn, the dwarven cleric
  • Nevonna, the human druid
  • Haldar, the dwarven fighter
  • Addin, the halfling monk
  • Yvette, the gnomish paladin
  • Benium, the half-elf ranger
  • Ariah, the halfling rogue
  • Galdazar, the human sorcerer
  • Eldarren, the elven wizard
So, you want a custom character, huh?

Well, there are two types of custom characters, the way I run it. There are Quasi-Custom characters, and Fully-Custom characters.

With the Quasi custom characters, you decide on your race, your class, and your general abilities. I'll make the actual character sheet for you and send it to you.

For the Fully-Custom characters, you'd best have about an hour and a half of your time free to make a character, because that's about how long it takes to make a fully customized character sheet. It also REALLY helps (AKA is pretty much necessary) for you to have some kind of an instant messenger. Having a voice chat program is even better.
Here is the information for you to make a Quasi-Custom character:

Pick a race, a class, and a general character setup.

Humans—Standard humans, fast learners
Dwarves—Sturdy, can be hit hard, love to work with metal and stone
Elves—Graceful, long-lived, aloof, value magic and train with sword and bow.
Gnomes—Inventors, one of the small races, live underground, love illusions.
Half-Elves—Not quite accepted by elves or men; usually loners that get alone with pretty well with everyone.
Half-Orcs—Brutish, often prejudiced against, often loners
Halflings—Pranksters, one of the small races, very sneaky

Barbarian—Raging fighter, all brawn, not so much skill
Bard—Magical musicians, they have some spells and some sneaking abilities
Cleric—The healer and undead controller/destroyer, meat shield
Druid—One with nature—literally. They use nature spells and shape shift.
Fighter—Skilled with weapons
Monk—Think martial arts
Paladin—All glory, honor, and righteousness
Ranger—Think Aragorn and Legolas; trackers and hunters
Rogue—The most versatile, anything from brute to acrobat, thief or sweet talker.
Sorcerer—Innate spell caster, know less spells, but more versatile with casting.
Wizard—Trained spell caster, know more spells, but strict rules for casting.

General Character Setups
  • Standard**
  • Sneaky
  • tough
  • persuasive
  • thief
  • tracker
  • athletic
  • sweet-talker
**(I'll use the standard setup of whatever class you pick that the book suggests. These are good for beginners who just need a little taste of everything.)

If you know how to make a character and want to make your own by yourself, here are the guidelines:
  • Level 1 (anything else has to be cleared by me)
  • Point Buy system--36 points
  • Max HP to start
  • Max gold for your class to start
  • Please use The Tangled Web profiler to create your sheet!
Note: I'm still working on filling out the descriptions and options for you to pick from, so please be patient. If you'd like to start soon, go ahead and post what information you have and know, and we can work on it. :)
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Re: Character Creation/Selection

Post by Visionguy » Sun November 26 06 ; 8 13 pm

Ok you got my attention

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Re: Character Creation/Selection

Post by Uvuriel03 » Sun November 26 06 ; 8 25 pm

Sweet. :) Go ahead and read on how to post an application to start a game. It *should* be pretty self-explanitory, but if you've got any questions, feel free to contact me via PM, IM, email, etc... Whatever. =)

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