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cuprious the warped

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NO right clicking doesnt stop me!!!!!

* Whether or not you've played D&D before (for both tabletop and online)
--yeah baldurs gate 1,2 and tob, morrowind oblivion etc, no multiplayer experience
* How often you think you'll be able to post
--daily or hourly dependin gon how bored i am
* What kind of character you'd like to play
-- caster, ranger, alchemist, bard whatever... i would probably custom a character depending on what this version of dnd allows but i like pain at a distance.
* If you prefer a pre-generated character or a custom one.
--how about a custom all the way
* Instant Messenger information so that I can contact you via IM
--a4paavol -- you gots me i think on aim

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