Vile Beginning

There is both Evil and Good in this world! Choose your side
wisely in order to live the most epic story of Dungeons & Dragons game ever! Divinity enhanced and chaos everlasting shall await all thee who shall enter my domain...

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Re: Vile Beginning

Post by DarK_RaideR » Sat January 27 07 ; 6 42 am

[quote="nitrobear";p="69655"]"Well, these of course are gateways to get you around the keep faster!"*slight pause*"They are dangerous only if you try to move them to see what lays behind...!"[/quote]

Voon nods in satisfaction, once again glad that he dominated the creature instead of blasting it to pieces. "Very well then, Vaulkrau*. And where does each painting lead to?"

*Vaulkrau is our alien friend's new name. I know it's hard to pronounce it, but hey, it's an Illumian word, no one said that language is easy

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