the 99 ways

Each person writes a variation on a short story to show a ton
of different ways to play a game with a simple plot.

The plot is as follows The characters enter a room and see an adversary, then they will attempt to beat the adversary and we don't know what happens in the end.
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the 99 ways

Post by vadia » Sat December 02 06 ; 9 36 pm

I am going to give three different ways just as an example, but I ask that you give others a chance to post so only 1 post/day.


DM: As you enter the 20x20 room, you can barely make out the shape of a figure sitting on a small chest.

Player 1: What creature do I think it is?

DM (looks at sheet surreptitiously rolls dice): Possibly an orc.

Player 2:I charge at him with my sword

Player 1:I cast magic missile

(Rolling commences)


DM: As you enter the 200x200 room, you can barely make out the shape of a figure . . .

Player 1: I use my dungeoneering skill it's at a 72 and a spot of 97.

DM (roll): Ok, it's an amber dragon with blue stripes.

Player 2: I charge at it with my +15 sword of dragon-slaying +12

Player 1: I cast a spell of major dragon slaying

(Rolling ensues)

The negotiators

Storyteller: As you enter the small room you notice a figure sitting on what appears to be a chest.

Player 1: What or who do I think it is?

Storyteller (rolls): It appears to be an orc.

Player 2: I know orc, I ask what it's doing here.

Player 1: Maybe it will help us for some rations.

(Negotiation ensues)

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