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New Skills

Post by Talon » Tue January 02 07 ; 10 46 am

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New Skill!
Ritualism(Cha; Trained Only, Armor Check Penalty)
You are trained in up to three variant forms of spell casting; spell augmentation, spell strengthening, rituals.Each of these three variant forms are considered too lengthy for combat purposes, though their effects are far greater than any unchanged or even some maximized spells.Ritual augmentation is the act of increasing the casting time of a spell and expending more of the spell components to cast a memorized spell with a known metamagic feat without spell level increase.Ritual strengthening is the act of combining multiple spellcasters and allies into assisting in casting the spell as if it was cast by a higher level caster, sometimes exceeding the effects of the original spell.Rituals are the ancient art of spell casting, usually learned from tombs of long-dead spell casters, cavern walls, or archaic writings.They are very powerful spell weavings for a specific purpose, such as creating unusual undead, enhancing the physical body, even creating eternal life.
Check:Each ability has its own check, with its own casting time and additional modifiers.
Ritual Augmentation
This ability of the skill is usable for spell casters who memorize their spells (Clr, Drd, Pal, Rgr, Wiz).Each metamagic feat has a different DC and casting time increase to the spells original casting time. The cost increase for material components (MC) will aslo be listed.As a general rule for this feat, spell component pouches have 10 uses until it is depleted and needs to be restocked by this method for spells with no material cost.
Empower Spell: Base DC 20 + Spell Level; +3 CT; 5x MC
Enlarge Spell:Base DC 15 + spell level; +2 CT; 3x MC
Extend Spell:Base DC 15 + spell level; +2 CT; 2x MC
Heighten Spell: Base DC 15 + 1 for each level heightened; +1 CT for each level heightened; 2x MC for each level heightened
Maximize Spell: Base DC 25 + spell level+4 CT; 7x MC
Use the original spells CT as a base number and increase by the number of listed steps:
Free action -> Standard action -> Full round -> 1 minute -> 1 hour -> 5 hours -> 10 hours -> 1 day
(Example:Say you wanted to cast a ritually augmented detect thoughts with the Extend Spell feat.The CT is a Standard action.To cast the augmented version, the casting time is now increased to 1 min.Since the spell uses an arcane focus rather than spell components, the component pouch does not lose any uses)
Ritual Strengthening
This ability of the skill allows the caster, known as the Spell Leader, to utilize the help of allies, assistants, and pupils.The assistants class, level, and spell familiarity all play a part in the increase of the spell, as well as preparation time.The assistant's class modifies the total caster level; their level modifies the DC of the Ritual check; and, finally, their spell familiarity modifies the cost of the spell.
Same class as Leader: +0.5 Leader Level 
Different class but same spell type (Arcane or Divine): +0.3 Leader Level 
Different class and spell type: +0.1 Leader Level 
Same level as Leader: -1 DC
Up to 4 levels lower than Leader: -0.5 DC
5 or more levels lower than Leader: -0.1 DC
Higher level than Leader: +0.5 DC for each level higher
Spell in Repitoire:1/2 gp in materials
Spell explained in detail, but not in repitoire:3/4 gp in materials
Spell not explained, but seen cast before:7/8 gp in materials
Spell never seen before: Full cost
PT over 1 hour: -1 DC for each hour, (maximum -5 DC total)
PT 1 hour: 0 DC
PT less than 1 hour: +2 DC
The Base DC for the ritual check is 25 + spell level.Each modifier is per assistant with the exception of spell familiarity.Spell familiarity is based on the assistant with the least familiarity of the ritualized spell.
The casting time is a minimum of 1 full round, starting on the Leader's turn.Each member must participate as a full round action as well, for combat purposes.If they are attacked or distracted, they must make a successful Concentration check. 
Each ritual has a DC predetermined in the description of the ritual.
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