Die Rolls

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Die Rolls

Post by Tofu » Sun January 28 07 ; 5 03 pm

Ability Rolls :{roll 6d20+2 gives a better chance to score between a 3-20 on rolls,rolled 8 times for according to character generation rules}
result 17,10,19,10,15,17 best roll.

those abilities are not necessarily in that order depends on Class/Prestige goals.
ok Class Psychic Warrior to start out Level 1
Skills 2+int Modifier x 4 at level 1 so make Intelligence 15{+2} so 2+2=4x4=16 Skill Points at 1st level.
Hit Dice D8 rolled a 4 give his Constitution a 19 for a +4 Bonus Starting Hitpoints{8}
leaves 2 10s and 2 17s to fill other attributes.

Starting gold 5d4x4 rolled an 18x4=72 Gold to start.Will post inventory in a minute.

Basic Attack Bonus +0, Base Saves Fort +2, Ref +0,Will +0

Feats starts out with one for being Human,and a Bonus for class. so 2.As far as can tell their is no need to be a specific Psychic Race.

Alignment any good

ok rest of stuff is private that is just to show die rolls and give a summary of Character to avoid cheating.
rest of Info is up to arena Master who ever moderates the fights to know.

Power Points 1 {wis 17}.

Armor Class 17 {10 +3 Dex
,Armor/Shield bonus +4}

Battle Axe
24 arrows
Chain Shirt.

Other stuff is not necessary to know unless your the one moderateing the duel.

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