[MotI] House Races

NOTE:*There are major house rules that affect Armor Class, Magic and Saves, as well as how armor works. starting level characters cannot have weapons with to hit Bonuses at the moment. Check with me if you are unsure on anything.*
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A case of mistaken identity leads to the PCs imprisonment, after breaking out with the help of a mysterious benefactor, they get caught up in the daily challenges of staying out of prison and something a little bigger. <br />Starting Level 5<br />No Psionics Races From PHB + a few house Races Heavy House Rules, check the forum for more details

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[MotI] House Races

Post by Foxtails » Fri September 07 07 ; 12 07 pm

Light Elves Level Adjustment +2
+4 DEX
-2 CON
+2 to spot and listen
Fly speed 60ft good
Feat: Hover
Lowlight vision

Roughly 4-5ft tall the light elves have fair skin and light hair. The also have translucent wings on their upper back with a wingspan slightly larger, 3-4 inches, than their shoulder width.


Dark Elves Level Adjustment = +1
+2 STR
+2 DEX
+2 CON
-2 CHA
Lowlight vision

Dark Elves according to legend are the result of a union between a human and a Light Elf that the gods deemed fit to bless with offspring.
Dark Elves are typically brown skinned with brown or black eyes though occasionally a few are born with blue eyes. Dark Elves live in forested areas mainly as hunter gatherer societies.
being lost in Solitude
and seeing a forbidden dream

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