Meeting of strangers

Within the masks hold the power of all magic: divination, illusion, evocation, necromancy, abjuration, conjuration, enchantment, and alteration. With such, one can rule the world... Can a band of heroes find the masks and resist the temptation of domination?

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Post by Genghis » Mon March 24 08 ; 6 23 pm

Arell glares at the young cleric but says nothing. It was going to be hard to concentrate today...
Once more unto the breach, dear friends!

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Re: Meeting of strangers

Post by Gingerbread Guy » Mon March 24 08 ; 9 43 pm

Mason stares at Arell and immediately recognizes in her expression the exhaustion and frustration he'd been feeling. "You too, huh?" He mumbles a few curse words better left unheard. "Of all the ways to spend a sleepless night with a fine looking lass, that wasn't one of them."

The cranky monk takes out some of his frustrations on his breakfast of cured meat and dry bread. As he crams his belongings roughly back into his duffel bag and stamps out the last embers of the bonfire, it becomes apparent that the jovial mood he was in the day before wasn't coming back any time soon.

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Post by wildfox » Tue March 25 08 ; 3 35 am

ooc: whoops sorry, mistyped before, Durahn was investigating whether not eating the fruit was the right decision, so he was investigating the effects of it on the other two who ate it :P

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Re: Meeting of strangers

Post by Hypo Luxa » Thu April 03 08 ; 6 51 am

Please move on to the next forum, Chapter 1: The Orb


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