Out of Game Notes

An empire of worlds, ruled by Emperor Shion Onacc VI and his enforcing dragon knights, strains at the seams. While the major races, (tiefling, eladrin, dragonmarked, dwarves, human and halfing) vie for Onacc's approval, these self-same races conspire to elevate their people above the rest, no matter the cost. Enter the heroes, abandoned on an island on a planet laregly inconsequential to the empire. They've no recollection of themselves or their pasts; they have tattoos and tunics in common.</br></br>
NOTE: For now, posting notes about world and campaign; slated to start in June 2008.

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Out of Game Notes

Post by Genghis » Tue June 24 08 ; 6 56 am

Without a Clue will be on hold for now. Right now, activity on the HQ is at a real low, and until it picks up again, I'm not willing to expend the time on getting this new one going yet. I don't want to start something that will immediately die.
Once more unto the breach, dear friends!

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Post by Spydr » Fri December 12 08 ; 11 51 am

Genghis my excellent ST friend, my apologies to disappearing out of your story with computer explosivness
Wanna see me and possibly other things I do?

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