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Set after Ep III, Dawn of Defiance is a campaign being relased by Wizards of the Coast. It is a series of adventures that introduces players into the rules of Saga. Players will begin on Sel Zonn Station, over the planet Brentaal. Much more then that I can not say, or it would give away game secrets. </br></br>NOTE: You can only use the Saga Edition Core Rulebook, plus any Web Enchancements posted by WoTC on their offical Star Wars RPG website. No Dark Siders please.

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House Rules

Post by Carl Wean » Sun March 23 08 ; 10 20 am

#1 Please post at lest once a week (more is preferable).

#2 Please try to refrain from using 1 sentence posts, I'll accept up to 3-4 sentences per post, but I prefer a paragraph if possible. I know its not always possible, but please, try to refrain from the 1 liner.

#3 These adventures are Modulars found on I don't mind if you read the modulars, but please do not use any OOC info IC. You get one warning about this, then I remove you from the game if you persist.

#4 This is a Star Wars Saga game, the Campaign Standard you see posted are the rules for this game, they are the RPGA's rules, however I find them convient and so I decided to use them. This is NOT an RPGA sanctioned game, and I am NOT an RPGA sanctioned GM.

#5 Please, don't everyone be a Jedi or Force user, there is so much more to Star Wars then the Jedi. Not to mention, the time period DoD is set in means Jedi are being hunted, so while you can play a Jedi, I'd prefer it if not everyone was one.
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