Welcome to Hommlet

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Welcome to Hommlet

Post by Hypo Luxa » Tue June 10 08 ; 11 59 am

A more pleasant, pastoral community you've never seen. A largish keep adorns a hill overlooking the large town of Hommlet, it's stones still quite new and it's walls clearly never assailed. Although the town appears to comprise hundreds of buildings and homes, the area is still verdant with trees and shrubbery throughout.

Walking along the dusty trail, you enter a street with buildings lining each side, most presumably houses. As you pass one on the left you see a man sitting on the porch of one of the buildings with wooden slab with the word Leathersmith painted across it's face nailed to the top of the entrance. The man on the porch smiles at your approach and says Nice day folks


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Re: Welcome to Hommlet

Post by StormElfstone » Thu June 12 08 ; 11 55 am

Sophie sends a smile back at the man on the porch. "I wonder what he wants, she muses to her friends. Shall we go over and ask? If not, maybe he can tell us where to get the stuff we need."
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