Character Creation

"I've seen things, man. Bad things. Things'll make you scream for your mamma."<br />"Calm down, Mr. Banks, please, just start from the beginning. What happened here?"<br />Mr. Banks takes a moment to light a cigarette, and his hands shake visibly with the effort. "I can't really say, I mean, I don't know exactly. I came home, you know, kinda late, after midnight I'd guess, and the door to my trailer was open. I thought this was strange, seein as Maggie's kinda paranoid about home invasions, and all that crap. Anyway, so the door's open, and I kinda creep in slow. That's when I heard it."

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Character Creation

Post by josef73 » Tue July 22 08 ; 1 09 pm

Don't generate characters yet, I would prefer just to hear about concepts. Some guidelines however:

We will be starting out 1st level, but should reach 2nd by the completion of the introductory adventure.

There are no strict restrictions on what class or profession you start with, but keep in mind that following the intro, you will all be agents of a group called The Hoffman Institute. I'll post some background on The Hoffman Institute in another thread. As agents, you will be assigned to investigate cases of interest to The Hoffman Institute, which will often include supernatural or extraterrestrial elements.

We will be using the standard 32 point buy system, and following character creation rules from D20 Modern Core Rulebook, but again, at this point, I just want to hear concepts.

To begin with, I'd prefer if no characters have any previous knowledge of The Hoffman Institutre, or maybe only a vague impression about their public goals and agendas, such as alternative energy sources.

Feel free to combine character backgrounds, or you can all be complete strangers, all I require in this vein is that you each come up with a reason why your character would be travelling along interstate I-90 in Idaho during late november, 2007.

If you have any further questions or comments relating to character creation, please post them here.
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