Character Creation

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Character Creation

Post by Sandcrawler » Tue February 28 06 ; 4 29 pm

Characters should be created with the intent that they'll be an asset to a Free Trading vessel. The captain will not hire on a crewmember with no or limited purpose.

Some ideas:

First Mate
Ship's Engineer (carpenter or maintenance)
Ship's healer

All characters start out in the same boat (so to speak). They are down on their luck, young Adepts. No money, no home (close by at any rate), and no prospects. The campaign will begin in the outskirts of Travar.

Creation is through standard points-buy method. As always, I prefer characters sent to me in Second Step format to ease their advancement later in the game.

My schedule as of right now is pretty open, so I should have time to dedicate to this game to make it very in-depth and detailed. Look for lots of roleplaying over fighting (though there will be enough of that to go around as well). I'm currently developing details oriented around the trading culture of Barsaive, including the Merchant's Guild, airship rules, cargos and payloads, and much more.

I'm really excited about this campaign, as I love the Free Traders campaign idea. I hope we can get a good crew put together.

Feel free to email all completed character ideas to me at

Thanks for looking!

Regards from the Lair of the Sandcrawler.
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