Dark Forest, Popular RPG

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Dark Forest, Popular RPG

Post by Kaleb » Sun April 24 05 ; 4 47 am

Hey just wanted to share this rpg, its the most in depth ive ever seen online.

Description from the site:

Dark Forest is a RPG set on a planet half the size of Jupiter with trees that stretch miles high and cloud the people that live on the planet from the sky. Shards of daylight make it threw the branches high above the ground and illuminate the interior of the forest so that you can make your way threw the world. The planet was once ruled by an ancient race the natives now call the Ancients, they are believed to have made the trees but it is unknown as to why. Now during the prime of the new inhabitants of this planet, everyone is givin an option of three classes; Mage, Warrier and Alchemist. Mages have extraordinary powers deeling with the manipulation of the mind and can learn to harness both Dark and Light magics. Some mages have even learned to control the apocolypse itself . Then there is the warrier with over 50+ weapons to choose from including legendary weapons which grant emmense strength to the user in different ways. Sometimes in new abilities, and sometimes in more post counts. Then the most difficult class to master: Alchemy. Alchemy is the ability to manipulate matter around you. There are six kinds of Alchemy: Water, Fire, Earth, Metal, Electricity, and wind. There is even a rummored seventh alchemy, but nobody is for sure. Alchemists are the most diciplined fighters in this world with the ability to control the elements themselves. The great battle of Remus was a battle between a mage and alchemist, and the alchemist was so powerful he created a crator in the planet 1/5 the size of the planet which is now called the Hassan Desert. Dark Forest is truly a great RPG, and we hope that you will join in sometime for all the work that had been put into it, over 4 months. Thank you for reading this and we will see you on Dark Forest.


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