Salem RPG (Fantasy rpg)

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Salem RPG (Fantasy rpg)

Post by Angelica » Thu November 17 05 ; 3 19 pm



A far from traditional world, you are taken back into the 1600's.
When practices of witchcraft, magicks, and anything 'out of the ordinary' is considered shunned. One enters into this small town, noticing everything in tact, a marvel. Lush meadows, abundant homes and farmlands, small stores and inns line the main-trod path in and out of town. Herein begins the saga, taking place in an old, yet hopeful age deep in Salem, Mass. The people include townsfolk,
travellers, merchants, as well as town officials. There is also something darker, which surrounds this town and is seldom spoke of; countering these prescenses we are reassured that there must be someone or 'thing'
watching over this town as well, keeping everything in balance. Or is it?
Text By Tara aka Izabella

There are many positions that we need in the roleplay such as:
Leader of the Vampire Clan

Leader of the Lycan Clan

Members of the Hunters Clan/vampire & Lycans.

Citizens of Salem: Tavern's Owner, shops owners, and anything you can think of..

Priest of the Church.

and a lot more....

If you need any more information Pm me or send an e-mail to
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