D&D 3.5 Play By Post opened up...

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D&D 3.5 Play By Post opened up...

Post by marjanovich » Fri August 11 06 ; 5 18 pm

D&D 3.5 Lite Roleplaying Play by Post (with added RPG mod for the people with lesser imaginations) based on a Homebrew City & World (little FR little Dragonlance) looking for players and possibly GM's


Here is a list of the current features & mods installed here.

ADR 0.4.1 (Advanced Dungeons & Rabbits)

Current Features
7 Character Races available (Players Handbook I)
11 Character Classes available (Players Handbook I)
1500 Items in the shops
8 Element Choices (Blessings from the Planes)
Player vs Player Combat
Some Player vs Monster Combat

Upcoming Features
30+ Character Races from all other D&D sourcebooks I own (around 15)
40+ Character Classes from other D&D sourcebooks I own
Prestige Classes
Guild Support
Loot Tables
100+ Monster Manual Creatures
Item Mixing w/ Hidden Recepies

Attempting to add a new source book worth of information daily... I know the limitations of the ADR system but as i hate intergrating new features before the core is here I'm trying to finish modifying ADR core first, then i'll work on adding new mods (clan mod, use magic system, etc)

Like I said its a Core install with content as opposed to a highly modified ADR system... what are your thoughts on progress so far, ideas on implementation, etc...

Thank you for your opinions and time! and hopefully I didn't break too many forum rules...

~Marjanovich AKA Aggression

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Remus Lupin
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Re: D&D 3.5 Play By Post opened up...

Post by Remus Lupin » Sat August 12 06 ; 12 21 pm

That ADR is supposed to be pretty cool.

I heard a rumor that Talon has been working on one for here... Talon or Aquilo - care to comment?
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Post by Talon » Mon August 14 06 ; 8 24 am

How the heck did you find that out Remus?? hehehe... Yeah, I've been working on it for a few weeks trying to get it converted to work on this board. It's almost there....
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