X-Men: Eclipsing Binary

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X-Men: Eclipsing Binary

Post by Greymalkin » Sun July 06 08 ; 4 06 pm

“We’re not what you think. Not all of us.”
[align=center]“Tell that to the ones who did this to me.”[/align]

One man sees injustice and plans for war. Another sees intolerance and teaches peace.

One woman wears the face of a murdered man even as she plots to free his killer from prison. Another struggles against dreams of death and fire that threaten to consume everyone she loves.

One father labors ceaselessly to heal his son. Another transforms his into a weapon.

And, as an assassin vows revenge upon the mutilated body of his only child, a gentle soul is sent on a mission of death that will set the world ablaze.

[align=center]"The war is coming, Charles, and I intend to fight it ...
by any means necessary."
[align=right]"And I will always be there ... old friend."[/align]

X-Men: Eclipsing Binary is a PG-13 movieverse rpg beginning just before X2 and having a strong emphasis on writing, characterization, and plotting. We are canon-only, but accept x-characters from all three movies, including those appearing only in cameos or mentioned in the computer files.

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