Empyrean Fates- Freeform Roleplay

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Empyrean Fates- Freeform Roleplay

Post by Calov diMera » Thu December 18 08 ; 11 22 pm

This is a play-by-post RP for writers. It's freeform, meaning there aren't die to roll for your actions, traits, skills, or successes/failures. It is all about your creativity in your writing, and in bringing the setting to life. We focus on character development and the writing that comes from such a creative community.

From the site:

An post-apocalyptic setting awaits you, with plenty of magic, tech, political intrigue, spying, and mayhem at your fingertips. A large setting to immerse your mind in, with room to grow and create as you become more comfortable with it. Our focus is on writing and character development.

A leviathan from the infinite seas came to destroy our known world. What it did was create a whole new aspect to the game. Survival.

Guilds rule the city in the sky, while the Gangs dish out justice, wasteland style, down below. Will you be a guild member, safe and secure as long as your reputation holds and your dealings go smoothly? Or will you be a wastelander, constantly trying to survive in the crumbled ruins below?


There is a plethora of information to dive into, but don't worry, we're more than accommodating. We're always there to answer any questions as well. We're a new site, but we've been in the community for quite a while.

Calov diMera, admin and co-creator of EmpyreanFates.com


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