Group 2 -The quest for the key

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Re: Group 2 -The quest for the key

Post by Suyoi_Igarashi » Mon October 10 05 ; 9 48 pm

Lancaster smiled, sliding the padding onto his frame. It fit snuggly, but it was still warmer than going nearly nude. Noticing the scarring upon the back of the gangly man, he whispers. "Thank you. I am currious... Were you an apprentice to the arts as well?"

Tugging the cloth closer around his frame, though gently so as not to rip it, the priest closed his eyes, keeping closer to Michael than to Enialis and his beast. Animals did not really appreciate Lancaster's abilities. Though not evil, he had been snubbed at for holding what would be considered the taint of evil. Few knew that the greater power or workings of magick were through the darker channels in the first place. He thought to himself, ~Can I ever prove my worth to these obviously hardened soldiers of fortune?~
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Re: Group 2 -The quest for the key

Post by Freak[boy] » Tue October 11 05 ; 2 45 am

Eleros wipes soot from his brow and scoffs at the cleric. "Though you may think you have good intentions, dealing with the undead will only taint your soul. Is eternal damnation worth whatever it is you seek by corrupting yourself?" He grabs the hilt of his sword to check that it is firmly in place, then looks to Bianca "We should leave."
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Post by jester » Tue October 11 05 ; 5 32 am

Enialis absently pets Ofa as he considers the cleric Lancaster. He keeps his feelings about the man to himself. The cleric seems to sense this as his stance is distanced from the elf.

Eleros' immediate questioning of Lancaster's motives and his confrontation on the subject surprise Enialis, as elves are seldom prone to rash action. At least Enialis felt it rash; he knew nothing about this man. And in all likelihood, he will only have limited contact with Lancaster.

In Enialis' mind, the verdict is not yet in. But he will keep an eye on the man... in order to make that verdict, if necessary.

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Re: Group 2 -The quest for the key

Post by Gingerbread Guy » Tue October 11 05 ; 11 36 am

Bianca is the fist to come to the man's defense. "Easy now," she bemoans like a tired parent. "Mind your manners, Eleros. We've all been through a lot, but not so much as this fellow, so lets save the judgement of his eternal soul until later, aye? I mean it, not one more word about it today. Lets get back."

[OOC: We're heading back to base. Bianca is going to see to it that everyone gets treated for possible exposure to disease, and that Lancaster gets some magical healing, too. She'll file a report asap.]

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Re: Group 2 -The quest for the key

Post by Morion Ava-lintitinwe » Tue October 11 05 ; 12 34 pm

Michael opens his mouth to answer Lancaster's question, but is cut off by Eleros. Michael lets his words fall short, and hangs his head as he walks back to the base.
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Re: Group 2 -The quest for the key

Post by Kord » Tue October 11 05 ; 7 03 pm

So it was that the group traveled back to base silently, their mission done and a possible new soldier in tow, although the latter would be determined by their superiors since he carried no actually papers or insignia.

Eventually they reach base camp with no troubles but their own and bianca quickly barks out orders, sending everyone but himself to the healers to check for disease and to repair any wounds they have. He instructs Michael to accompany Lancaster until his situation can be straightened out.

OOC: OK, Bianca will be making a report. the rest of you will be at the healers. I'll make some new topics for ya. bianca will be done in private


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