The Quill and Sword, seeking members

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The Quill and Sword, seeking members

Post by Skywalker_Dreamer » Wed January 26 05 ; 1 30 pm

[font=Comic Sans MS] The Quill and Sword is a message board community for both writing -and- RPing. The main features are:

Star Wars RP
Star Wars fan fiction (and other fan fiction)
Fantasy RP
Fantasy Original Fiction
Writing contests
Beta reading

And much more. We are looking for as many active members as possible, so please check it out or pass the link on to one of your friends. One of the admin is currently working on a web page for it. The Quill and Sword

If you have any questons, you can contact me via:

AOL IM: JedioftheFlame
Yahoo! Messenger: Jedi_Danielle_Skywalker
MSN Messenger:
Email: or Email me at the second before the first.




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