Intellectual RPGing

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Intellectual RPGing

Post by Game Master » Tue March 08 05 ; 5 33 am
Dark Ages - Sci-Fi - Drama - Super Hero - Matrix Based

There is nothing worst than trying to play a constructive RPG when you have an immature punk as part of the group. You take the time to plan a very valid strategy while the wannabe player says, 'Lets kill everything' (including himself in the end for stupidty).

Well no more, come be part of a Medieval RPG that caters for the intellectually mature who wants to feel as though they are really playing in a World of Medieval and not a circus! Our RPGs are custom built and runned by an experienced GM/DM. The forum we have also allows you to create YOUR OWN RPGs and you can use our in-house battle system if you like.

Other RPGs include: Sci-fi, Drama and more. Note: Free registration required and full compliance with our rules. Again, emphasis is placed on intellectually mature players.

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Post by Gingerbread Guy » Tue March 08 05 ; 11 02 am

The word is worse, not worst. And while we're at it, runned is not a valid verb.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to a circus and yell "Lets kill everything!"


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Post by Longbow » Tue March 08 05 ; 5 53 pm

Dangit! I'll never get to runned the mile in under 4 minutes then!

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Post by Uvuriel03 » Thu March 24 05 ; 10 50 pm


Honestly, you think ANYONE on this site is really "intellectually mature"?!? HA! The whole reason we're here is because we're NOT!

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Blink blink

Post by darkrevni » Sat April 02 05 ; 7 09 pm

The scruffy human looks up from a large plate of worst, and a pewter stein of mead that runned over on the table.


...and the food and drink disappear in a puff of bad grammar...


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Not to be a swingin !@#$... but I have to...

"Set based on what you purchase - go to the market and select what you want... you have 40 gold pieces to start. Please make sure to ADD CORRECT!"

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So all of you out there... remember the battle cry!

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