Jared’s fight

Blackstone Prison is one of the many dirty little secrets of
the Empire. It is the deepest, darkest, dankest, hellhole imaginable and where the Empire houses a collection of hardened criminals, 'political' prisoners, and those unlucky few who simply needed to disappear. Blackstone Prison was one of those places that everyone has heard about but was unwilling to talk about in polite company. Poor living conditions, horrible nutrition, forced labor, and a brutal sadistic humanoid guard force ensured that no one ever escaped from Blackstone.

You are a prisoner at Blackstone. It may have been days, weeks, months, or even years since you were incarcerated, but the indominatable force of Blackstone is beginning to crush any hope you have that you will ever leave Blackstone alive.

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Re: Jared’s fight

Post by Suyoi_Igarashi » Tue February 14 06 ; 9 59 am

Tegan shakes his head at the question and pipes in. "I light things on fire all the time. Whether with the spirit, the self, or what-have-you... its your gift and you should use it as well as you can."
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Re: Jared’s fight

Post by Talon » Tue February 14 06 ; 10 39 am

Jared looks down as his face droops ashamedly My 'gift' as you call it, came with a curse as well. People used fear me. They were afraid to be around me or anywhere near me. They were afraid I would poke around in their head and learn deep dark secrets about them or incinerate them with a single glance. They never understood so they whispered in dark corners and sometimes flinched when I looked at them.

After I moved around in the guard a bit and came to my last unit, I hid my abilities. Surpressed them and never used them. It was like a dam welling up and the pressure had gotten to a breaking point when the guards attacked. It felt really good to lash out at them and release some of it. Though it was difficult, I held back. It felt wonderful, like my chest was going to burst with exhilaration.

Now that I've carelessly let everyone see my abilities, I'm sure the whispers and sideways glances will start all over again.

Jared lets out a soft sigh, that could almost be mistaken for a soft whimper... almost
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Re: Jared’s fight

Post by StormElfstone » Tue February 14 06 ; 1 56 pm

Isi frowned. [font=Comic Sans MS]Why do you think we'd do that?[/font]
The way she saw it they were a group of alleged criminals and yet they'd accepted each other, so why not accept a spell caster?
[font=Comic Sans MS]Jared, your magic is most welcome here. I don't know how you cast those spells, but whatever you did was impressive. I can see how they could be useful in the Lands Below and it looks as if it will be pretty handy having you around.[/font] She smiles and adds, [font=Comic Sans MS]Promise me one thing, if we run into any danger, don't hold back,OK?[/font]
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