This is a collection of all kinds of RPG systems that are absolutly free from various publishers. Feel free to download, read up, and start your very own adventure based on one of these games right here on the HQ!

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Post by Talon » Fri January 27 06 ; 2 44 pm

Publisher: Simply Scribed
Genre: Fantasy
Download Blyss

BLYSS is a Roleplaying System - a system for guiding the action and establishing the results of roleplaying scenarios. It is simple at heart, with everything based on the same mechanics. It is generic, easily adapted to any conceivable setting or situation. BLYSS is also modular – new rules, known as Options and Variants, can be easily incorporated into the system, as well as adaptible so that if no Option or Variant exists for what you need to achieve, you should be able to customise the rules yourself with little hassle.

Feel free to run a campaign in this system here on the RPG HQ.
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