Thou Spy Hath Embrangled Me

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Thou Spy Hath Embrangled Me

Post by Talon » Mon January 30 06 ; 7 23 am

Publisher: Jennifer Diane Reitz
Genre: Spy/Espionage
Download Thou Spy Hath Embrangled Me

Thou Spy Hath Embrangled Me is a focused, historical Role Play Game set in the European 'little ice age' of 1567 which blends the premise of modern spy movies (such as James Bond) with actual historical events of that time. It is designed for 2-3 players as a one-shot scenario with simple mechanics, but is adaptable to extended play.

Being thus an Role-Playe Diversion Which be setteth in the year of the Christian mythological God of 1567, and which doth circumscribe those most mysterious and untoward events which hath surrounded the untimely death and intrigues of Lord Henry Stewart Darnley amidste the most grievous and fearsomely cold tymes of desperation and Ague knowne to many and all as the Little Ice Age of Europe.

Feel free to run a campaign in this system here on the RPG HQ.
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