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Introduction Setting

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Forum:	The story thus far...
Topic:	Introduction Setting

After two nights of thunderstorms and other poor weather conditions, the whole of South Harbor reverberated like a struck bell.The only thing louder than the shouting captains, merchants, and dock workers were the gulls screeing over head.Carts of oranges, crates of dried figs, barrels of spices all littered the water-darkened wood platforms of the docks.A dwarven man, dark of skin and eye, lifted six tightly woven fabric bundles over his muscled shoulders.A high elven spell-weaver, bejeweled rod in hand, conjured up a gloved hand to push a cart filled with small, darkened cages, exotic noises springing forth.All manners of man and beast toiled acrossed the worn-smooth planks.But traders were not the only ones unloading their goods this morning.
Three weeks at sea was quite a long time; passengers anxiously stepped down their gang planks.Whether it was a noble diplomat, foreign dukes and duchesses, or vagabonds, peasants, or the ever common adventurer, every last one gingerly strode away from the bobbing ships.Spring had descended onto the isle only a few weeks prior, and the air was brisk.Many, except for the workers, had cloaks pulled as tight as armor about their bodies, hands knuckle white.Though the sun shone off the waters, reflecting as if shining off glass, there was no warmth to the salt and brine filled air.
South Harbor's Warehouses and Ship Warrens stood outside the city of Demarest's ivory, limestone walls.Out front of the large, single story building, were several small booths hawking goods, ship fares, or workers for much lower costs than average.There were no taxes on such goods, though minimal security kept most higher priced goods safe on the other side of the wall.There were six piers all together, each long enough to hold 4 gallies at once.Ships which held mostly passengers would be allowed to dock closer to the city, and fishing ships were always closer to sea.
At the gates from South Harbor stood eight men in cerulean blue shirts, surcoats and trousers, slashed with cream.Each man carried a long sword at his side, and the light caught the silver whistle around each one's neck.Seven of the eight men were human, with one notably elven male.A few men were laughing and clasping arms as the guard changed, but the elven man quickly dispersed it.Three golden stars glittered across his chest, his white gloves quickly ushering directions as his voice gave the commands.Two large stone towers held an internal and external iron portcullis between them, complete with an adjoining stone bridge atop.

Here is the initial setting.It is open for characters who've submitted a sheet that was approved by me.Its open for natives and non-natives to the city / continent.Take in the atmosphere and introduce your character to either a new begining on the continent or another day of surviving the city.Feel free to tinker with your surroundings as you see appropriate.

Gingerbread Guy:
After being forced to wait out two days of violent storms, many, if not most of the newly arrived passengers look understandably worse for wear.Some shiver against the cold, others who never quite found their sea legs look green in the face, and all watch their footing on the slippery docks as they make their way back to solid land - all, except one.
One passenger - a petite young woman in green-trimmed white robes - stares directly above her, her mouth spread in a wide smile.Her large amber eyes squint slightly into the sunlight, though she makes no effort to shade them.
"Have you ever seen so many gulls, Pawpaw?" she breathes with wonder in her voice.
The small monkey sitting on the girl's right shoulder (cross-legged, no less) offers no response.Instead, it hooks a finger in it's mouth and tugs insistently on the girl's ear.
"Hungry, hunh?" she says with a grin and a sideways glance."I know, you're not a big fan of sea food.I'll buy you something to eat, okay?"The monkey seems entirely unimpressed by the girl's offer, and continues to tug gently on her ear.
Doing her best to avoid foot traffic, and providing small bows and apologies when she gets in someone's way, the small young woman meanders towards the market stalls.There she eyes the dried figs, and exchanges some coin for a small bag.The first one goes to Pawpaw, who offers no thanks.Even the girl enjoys a couple of the figs, which make her smile spread all the wider.
Her apetite sated for the time being, she walks towards the guards by the gate to ask directions."Begging your pardon, ser." she begins, addressing the elf, but offering a polite smile to the other guards, so as not to exclude anyone - that would be rude."I'm new to South Harbor, and in need of directions.Demarest is through these gates, is that right?"She smiles hopefully.Pawpaw simply munches on his fig.
[OOC:Let me know how much the figs cost.. she just wants a small bag, and she has only a vague idea how much her money is worth anyway.]

The elven guard captain adjusted his uniform as he was being addressed by the child.Even though he was of a small stature than the girl, he still managed to look down his nose at her, almond-shaped eyes narrowing as he spoke.
"Of course you're new to South Harbor!Everyone's new to South Harbor, girl.Are you here to witness the Great Questioning?By the way you're dressed, I'd say you're one for hugging the trees; all the tree hugging, sap suckers are busting through the walls this ten-day.Eryst!"
The tallest fellow, built like an over-glorified bean pole, snapped to attention, the small smirk and chuckle stilled and silence.Eryst's words were clipped, either from embrarassment or anger; it was difficult to tell.
"Aye, sir!Apologies, sir!How may I serve in penance, sir!"
The elven commander quickly shoved the Eryst towards the easter-most tower, barking off several orders, to which Eryst always responded positively, appropriately, and promptly.As they disappeared behind the slamming, iron door, the remaining men burst out with laughter.
"That Saleidar!Always breaking in the greenhorns.Every day closer to this nature-fest he gets worse.At first I thought he'd chew iron.Now, I think he'll spit out nails when he's done."
A second officer leaned against the wall and muttered in a raspy voice, "Its because his parents were sap suckers.They had a habbit of dragging him out naked in the woods or some crap like that."
"Hey, lassie."The a fair skinned human's voice was soft, matching his white moustache and receeding white, neatly brushed hair.Squating down to his knees, his smile split his face in twain, exposing rather clean teeth."If you need someone to show you arround and watch your back, you can always count on the Merryfools.'Least the ones that remember why we're here an' all."He nodded towards the door in which Saleidar and Eryst exited moments ago."Stick around here for a few more minutes, and I'm sure you'll have one."
The old man's eyes took in the small, fuzzy creature.He reached into his surcoat pocket and pulled out a small brass button."This always brought me luck.You guys might as well have it today."With a wink to the creature, the old man turned and mumbled a few words to the remaining men.A few of them turned as red as Eryst had.
Shouting drew the eyes of the blue-garbed officers.Oranges and still-fresh fish seemed to litter the second deck as the carts that had been pulling them crashed into one another.Both hawkers seemed to reach pealing deicible unused to sell their goods.Several workers scrambled in the confusion to salvage what could still be sold, though a few rather unscrupulous characters did seem to stroll away with buldging pockets.
The gates at South Harbor opened, allowing three large carriages onto the main platform in front of the Warrens and Warehouse building.Servants and footmen unloaded to help the lords and ladies gathered.A few of them carried warming lanturns with incense burning to keep away the scents of the sea.Another mild commotion was occuring at the Warrens and Warehouse building because of the lack of carriages for the nobles.Stations, titles, ranks and creedences were being hollared out at the top of shrilly voices, each holding greater claim then the last.Personal maids and servant men all looking embarassed by the spectacle, simply shook their heads and waited.
South Harbor's volume grew and grew as more boats unloaded, bedlum ensuing quickly on order's heels.

Gingerbread Guy:
Startled by the sudden commotion, the young girl's eyes stray in the same direction as the guards', and she pouts slightly at the sight of people filling their pockets with what doesn't belong to them.Not that fish or oranges could belong to a person, exactly; Chauntea's blessings are for everyone to reap - but laws must still be upheld.Surely such a large city has a more than adequate constabulary..
Her mind swells with both wonder and anxiety.There was so much to see in South Harbor, so many people.. A hundred fold what she was used to at the sanctuary, perhaps more.
She returns her attention to the white-haired gentleman.She bows deeply at the waist, folding her palms against her sides to keep her billowy brocade sleeves from touching the ground."Thank you for your generous gift," she says when she straightens, sounding slightly puzzled,"but I have have done nothing to deserve it, and have nothing to give you in return."

A tall dark man who was standing behind the girl taps her shoulder gently.As she turns to meet his eyes she notices the silver mirror like eyes gently reflecting the light of the day. His long jet black hair gently flows in the soft harbour breeze as he smiles at her with a comforting grin that seems to say I am a friend and want to help all by itself.
The dark man dressed in a soft earthy color tunic covered by a chain shirt and britches to match the tunic turns slightly and takes a step.He stops and looks back motioning her to follow him.His soft delicate features bear some resemblance to Elven heritage, but his eyes, hair, and skin are not normal Elven traits.She hears a voice, not from her ears, but from somewhere inside her head Come, I am heading this direction myself anyways.I will help you get through this throng of people.Forgive the intrusion, but my voice was stolen so I cannot speak through normal means. 

OOC: Used Mindlink

Gingerbread Guy:
The girl's mind is soft and ordered.Her thoughts are gentle and almost too faint to pick up.
Who... how... how are you...Her thoughts seem jumbled for a moment, but soon clarify.A smile spreads across her lips.My apologies, ser.You caught me off-guard.Thank you for guiding me.. My name is Winnie.What is yours?"
With a quick glance back at the uniformed men, Winnie picks up her her feet and follows her unusual new aquaintance.

A vaguely female figure watches the exchange from the shade on the side of a building across the street. Foxlike ears twitch following random sounds. The color of her fur obscured by the shade of the build and covered by dark brown soft leather armor. The chaos of the docks seems to flow around her, people altering course to go around her and the small white cat next herwithout seeming to notice them. 
hmm... that's no normal elf... might be worth my while to follow them...
The figure looks at the cat. "Let's go Mieu, maybe well get lucky this time..." And enters into the crowd, foxy tail twitching slightly in anticipation, to follow the elf. Mieu hesitates for a moment before running through the maze of feat to catch up.
OOC: roll what ever you feel is apropriate for tailing the elf and the girl, or tell me what to give you. She's not trying to move silently at the moment.

The lone figure had traveled far to reach South Harbor and now that he was here, he was none to happy. He would not welcome the looks and stares that were sure to follow him just as they had everywhere else, why would this place prove to be any different. He had opted to travel by cargo ship, sure there were no luxuries but by the same token there were no people either.
As he stood above deck the stranger pulled the hood of his brown cloak over his head anddeparted the ship silently, the men of the ship too busy to notice his leave. And so he walked in solitude, thankful that the harbor was busy this day. He made sure to stay on the far side, away from the docks where the passenger ships were unloading their guests. Without even a glance he strode pass the several small booths hawking goods and services until finally he reached the two large stone towers which held the large portcullis, the gateway to the city.
Kellerin paused for a moment before approaching the guards, taking one last moment to prepare for what was to come. With an air of confidence he walked forward to gain entrance, stopping just prior to the check point. Quickly he removed his hood revealing a very dark tanned human covered in intricate and ancient arcane tattoo's, his hair dark brown and eyes of blue, deep with mystery. From within the folds of his cloak, glints of metal can be seen from a well-maintained chain shirt. In his right hand he holds only a plain wooden quarterstaff. He looks the guard in the eyes as states "I seek passage into the city, what toll must I procure to gain entry?"Kellerin continues to stare, a technique he had used often in the past, having found his appearance intimidating to most, often they would waive him through rather than having to feel uncomfortable.

Past the raised portcullis gate was the census check point.There were only a handful of gulls that flew above the fifty foot walls and sixty foot towers.A crossbreeze blew a sparkle of diamond-like raindrops which were glinting previously on the polished limestone walls.Muttered curses ensued as the water fell below onto a dozen scriveners dressed in five distinct house colors.Each scribe shoved the others from their positions, pushing to the closest side of the narrower blockaded entrance to the city.
Suddenly, the scribes began to part as horsehooves echoed louder along the smooth granite floor.Shouts and screams emerged from the corridor.A woman wearing a deep navy blue dress with silver scrollworkings along the sleeves pointed, with quill in hand at the sight of a large horse plowing down from inside the city.It's dark brown coat glistened with sweat, it's even darker mane tossing in the crossbreeze.It the horses wake stood two male scribes, unmoving dressed in coats cut just under their ribs of vibrant violet.
The six remaining guards moved quickly, three taking position in the way of the horse, the others darting to the towers, shoving the three people at the gate forcibly out of the way.The white haired man, sword drawn, was at the center of the trio, barked, "Don't let it out the gate!"
A second horse, this one pulling a carriage, was galloping hard.The driver of the carriage was no where in site, the two doors slamming shut and whipping open as though caught in a windstorm
Here are the basic specifics on the area and such.This is a trial situation to see how best to run the posting.Don't worry.
The width of the gate is 25', narrowing to 15' at the blockade (made of wooden crates)The horse is 30' away from the gate itself, coming down the center.The carriage is 50' away, also coming down the center.Two men ran to the second tower (westside, the one the officers did not enter) door and are at said tower.One officer (the raspy man) went towards the first tower (east side).
Grumpy man, Short girl, Psycho elf are all 5' behind the trio of men, in sight of the situation.Anthro and kitty are 10' from the other three people. (sorry I don't have access to paint for a map at work, guys... hope that gives you enough to go on for now)
Initiatives are as posts for this scene, but will be as per roll for future scenes.

Gingerbread Guy:
"No!" Winnie cries as she squeezes her small frame between the three men before her.Totally unarmed, the small woman emerges with arms spread wide, concern painted across her youthful features.
[OOC:I don't think I have time to try a Wild Empathy roll before these horses flatten Winnie, so I'll go with a +7 Handle Animal check to order them to stop.]

"Anthro" after hearing the comotion and acessing the situation will start casting Mage hand targeting the the reins to try and get the horses to stop.
Mieu's just going to get out of the way.
[OOC: I suppose if the spell works that'll be a +0 handle animal check... kinda trying to add a synergy bonus to Winnie's check more than anything though.]

OOC :Sorry 'bout the slow response.Between class and work I have been utterly swamped!

Just as he was about to tell the girl his name mentally, he heard a gasp from the mental link he established and heard her passionate 'NO!' just a moment before he heard the words escape her lips like an echo.
With only a split second to assess the situation and react he instinctivly moves with the girl ready to pull her out of the way of the stampeding horse since he realizes that he was too late reacting to actually do anything helpful.
OOC:If the horse doesn't stop he will pull the girl out of the way

OOC (was my character reffered to as the grumpy man cause I'm not sure where my character is? either way i will take an actiion
Kellerin is surprised by the sudden action and the first thoughts in his mind are to eliminate the problem. But his street smarts have taught him that this issue is better left to the local militia to handle. With swift movement he draws(quick draw) out his quartestaff in front of him and steps back 5 feet to form a defensive posture, if the need to defend becomes necessary, he will do so in using his two weapon defense style.

The white-haired man grumbled loudly as the girl and elf slipped past him, his previous attempts at settling the situation averted by the pair.As his eyes caught the oncoming horse, his throat seemed to be pushing itself out from the inside, and his pulse quickened.It would be something to happen on the last day before his retirement ceremony, the death of a girl.
A screech broke free from the first, oncomming dark horse.The triggered, ingrained action of shouting and pulling on the reigns seeming to break its maddened trance.A few feet from the small child, it rearer back, its front hooves kicking into the air above the girl.The mute elf, however, manages to gently move her to the side before its hooves clatter back to the ground.The animal seems sated, though nostrils flaring wide, its coat still glistening with a hard rides sweat.
Tumbling onward, the horse pulling the carriage a ways back.When one of the larger wheels broke, turning the sedan chair onto its side, the beast slowed to a trot, its load appearing too heavy for its own liking.The second horse was similarly disheveled, tossing its head back and forth several times before the South City guards could catch up to it, one man dressed in richly decorated, red robes which glinted like silk.He wore a wide brimmed hat, which seemed to bend down over his face from every angle, and carried a brightly polished blue staff; the way it shined, it should have been made of steel.He lifted the side door and darted into the over-turned carriage.
Some of the scriveners moved back from the sides of the checkpoint, dusting themselves absently, though all eyes were upon their two fallen memebers, the sounds of moans breaking free in the awkward, new-found silence.One woman dressed in the navy and silver scrollworked dress was openly weeping on her knees, hands raised towards the heavens in thanks, or pleas.
Out of the two twinned towers emerged a handful of guards, all with man-catcher poles or oddly worked sword-breakers; Eryst and Saleidar were among them.Saleidar motioned the guards with his white gloved hand, his wrist twisting and flicking rapidly, as if he was using some form of speech.A few men seemed to respond, while others moved to surround the horse in case of a second outburst.Stepping forward, towards the smaller girl behind the other elf, Saleidar moved, elven grace apparrent.His voice was considerably softer than it had been before.
"I suppose you'd not want a reward for what you've done, only a tree to lay beneath or some such like that.All I can give you is my... erhm... thanks and..."His pause was not as dramatic as he would have liked to have captured, but its effect seemed to wash over the thinner man behind him."And, I can give you a guide of the city.Eryst, here, will escort you around.He'll show you whatever you want him to show you, and even answer any questions you may have.As Captain of South Harbor... The City of Demarest welcomes you."
Turning abruptly from what other might think of as a touching moment, he began barking more orders in his usual gruff and unpleasant tone.Flashes of blue darted through the crowd, and into the gate to help with the fallen scribes, calm the onlookers who watched the spectacle, and to deter any shadowy thieves from turning profit off of stunned people.
Eryst seemed to slouch down to half his size after hearing his captains words.His mouth, however, remained quite closed, his opinions on such matters learned to be kept to himself.Quickly shoving his hands into his pockets, his head lowered to his chin and he mumbled out his words as though a child would caught of stealing sweets.
"'ello.My name is Eryst Du'Vanal, one of the guards at South Harbor.I'll get you through the checkpoint with no hassel, though right now most people will manage that jus' fine.If you're lookin for any place, just let me know... I was born and raised in this city... I know lots 'bout it."
Captain Saleidar's steps took him towards the fox-like humanoid, his eyes narrowing."If I were you, Fuzzy, I'd keep with that girl over there.I'm sure many people saw you wagglin' your fingers at that horse.Many are liable to forget which came first, the horse chargin down the checkpoint, or your fingers wagglin'."He spit onto the ground a few feet from them both, his eyes turned away."Besides, you've been in this city too long for someone like you.Lest gettin arrested around the corner on suspicions of disrupting the peace seems like a fun way to spend a tenday."He continued on into the crowd, his steps seeming to part the crowd like a rock falling into a small puddle.As if to bring truth to the captains words, some of the crowdspeople pointed at the anthropomorphic fox and whispered.Whispers grew into mutterings.Soon, mutterings would turn into shouts and shouts would turn into divine justification; such was the natural order of mobs.
The white haired man let out a low settled breath as things seemed not as doomed as they had been only minutes before.He turned to see he was the only one still with his weapon unsheathed and moved back towards the man in the maticulously kept chain shirt, eyes on the drawn quarterstaff.His gaze into the other man's eyes was forced, though it was almost hidden behind the crow's feet at the corners of his eyes.
"Okay, sir.First rule is no drawn weapons unless defense of your life, or the lives of those around you.The second rule is listen to the Merryfool Constabulary in the city.They'll be dressed like us, but in a solid blue uniform."He folded his arms acrossed his chest in an attempt to cover his own labored breath."Beyond that, its basically a pretty neutral city.Thievery is not tollerated, obviously, but its not like it is avoidable in a large city.Be mindful of Housemen, for they tend to get in everyones way.Also, be on the look out for those forsaken Falmites, also known to others as Redmen.They usually go out of their way to investigate strange people like yourself, harrassing them with the freedom allowed by the Druidic Council."There was a sudden swirling in the man's appearance, and his face seemed younger, his eyes almost glowing with a crystal blue.The feelings of awe and goodness wafting for a breif moment like a fresh baked pie's scent caught by a summer's breeze."Their methods aren't exactly pleasant... especially with something they've never seen."
With that, the white haired man extended his arm towards the girl and silent elf, gesturing the man to pass through the check point.A small smile graced the corner of his mouth, and he lowered his head."Welcome to Demarest."
Okay, after everyone posts their reactions and responses to the recent events, I'll open up Chapter One: Carry Me Away.It will start with the group passing through the checkpoint, at the scene of the wagon, so don't jump the gun.^_^In any event, I hope this lets you see my style because it has let me see yours.I think this is going to be a wonderful campaign and I thank you for letting me guide you through this.^_^

Gingerbread Guy:
Winnie's happiness at having saved the horses is quickly drowned out by the sounds of grieving scribes.Not forgetting her manners, she bows deeply to the Captain of South Harbor, showing him even more respect than he showed her, so as to help the man save face in front of his officers.
"Thank you for your kindness, Captain," she says, wearing a smile."Though I ask nothing of you, you are generous and most perceptive of my needs."She even gives Eryst a brief bow and the same, friendly smile."Thank you as well for your kindness."
With the niceties out of the way as quickly as she can spare it, Winnie makes for the crowd of scribes to see if, by some small stroke of luck, her skills as a healer can be applied.
[OOC:Though it doesn't sound likely, if the two injured men are still alive (heal check as necessary to be certain)the one with the lesser wounds can have a cure minor wounds and the other can have Winnie's only cure light wounds.]

As Ky'rith looks on at the guard barrating the strange fox like creature, he finds a feeling of curiosity start to sweep over him.Finding any creature he has not seen yet fascinating, he fights back the urge to try and speak withthecreature and instead decides instead to steal a glance every now and again as he takes a step back into the crowd.
After a few moments, he decides to make his way to a tavern.His throat is somewhat dry and he could use some food although not exactly necessary.He again speaks to the girl in her mind I am going to find a tavern to quench my thirst.You are more than welcome to meet me there when you are finished.I am afraid there is little I can do here aside from get into trouble.To answer your last question, my name is Ky'rith
With that, he steals another glance at teh Fox like man and disappears into the crowd.

Shoji Shawa finally made his way off of the rickety planks of that damn poor excuse of a passenger ship.The accomadations were extremely poor and Shoji felt more angry than fatigued--and that was saying something!
 He guided his warhorse, Makama, down the ramp, his horse snorting as Shoji led him by the reins.The journey on the boat did not improve his steed's temper either.
 He pulled out a letter from his Lord, reading it again for perhaps the fourth time.Its ruffled edges and creases indicated a long and bumpy ride over that accursed sea.
 It simply read:
 "My son,
 "You of all people know the strange dreams I have been having.Dark dreams, perilous thoughts.They all started roughly a week after your sister departed on her quest of enlightenment.I fear she has come across something she cannot handle by herself, due to my karmic tie with you and her.
 "I want it to be known that it is your current duty now to our clan that you find your sister.You are the eldest, most skilled of our samurai, and that is why you were chosen for this task.
 "Take great care when you are out of our lands.I know you have been in many battles for our homeland but this journey will be nothing you have ever been through.Take great care of yourself and your sister.
 "Remember the code of 'bushido' you have sworn and you will gain nothing but honor,"
 "Your Father and Daimyo,"
 "Lord Shoji Kanawa"
After reading it, Shoji stuffed the letter back into his pocket and looked at the throng of people around.He noticed several of them looking at his bright blue great armor, handed down from his ancestors since the begining of his clan.His katana and wakizashi also drew a few stares.
What was so strange about a samurai that these folk were staring at?
Shoji merely shrugged and made his way to the gates of the city, twin towers with a huge gate.There, his black eyes noticed several gaurds and soldiers running around in blue uniforms, looking this way and that like scared pups.One soldier in particular, an elf-like person, caught his attention.This elf was barking orders as if the world depended on it--or because his soldiers were downright lazy.Shoji shrugged and decided upon the latter.As decorated as the elf's uniform was, he probably knew what he was doing.
Shoji made his way past some more people, getting stares from peasants, nobles, and soldiers alike.The staring seemed to get on his nerves.They were acting like children watching Samurai on the streets!
 Makama nudged Shoji's shoulder slightly.
 "Yes, I know, Makama.I will find you a stable and some oats." Shoji said encouragingly to the steed.
 Shoji then proceeded to find the nearest Inn and stable, but he happened upon a strange fox-looking person with a white cat roughly 10 feet away. 
 'Strange folk...' Shoji commented mentally, but he also noticed that he had never left his clan's lands, so he was bound to see something new.
 The Fox person seemed to be preoccupied with looking at a girl trying to heal some scribes it seemed while another tall elf stood behind her.
 'A stalker perhaps...' Shoji commented but he kept his mouth shut.Better to see how events unravel before jumping into action.
(OOC: anykind of checks needed at this point: Taking 10)

Kellarin goes about securing his quarterstaff into a special harness on his back while the white haired man addressed him. He appreciated the manner in which the man spoke to him and relaxed his body language to a more friendly appearance. When the man is done giving directions Kellarin reply's "Thank you for the information and the advice Sir, I will certainly heed your warnings. " And with that Kelerin replaces the hood on his head and trys his best to blend into the crowd, following behind the others in line.

"anthro" only half pays attention to the guard giving second degree. She's heard it all before. Actually about once a week. Her ears strain for any sound from the silver haired elf as an exchange seems to pass between him and the girl. Not hearing any voice her curiosity about him is only increased. Waiting rather impatiently for Saleidar to finish she keeps an eye on The silver haired elf and slips into the crowd after him to follow him at a safe distance.

Suddenly, the foxlike person started stalking the elf as he moved away from the little girl.
'So he is a stalker...' Shoji states to himself.
Allowing him and his steed to move and look like he had a purpose--which allowed him to move quicker amongst the people--he closed the distance between himself and the foxlike person.
Once Shoji makes it to arms-length away, he'll tap the fox person on the shoulder and say.
"You've taken quite an interest in that elf and little girl.I don't wish you to harm them."

The odd silence was slowly eaten away when the docks slowly started its motion of goods, services and people once more.From the blooming organized bedlum also sprouted an uneasy murmur from the nobility, and other wealthy foreigners waiting outside the carriages.Even the servants who displayed open disapproval and annoyance at the previous squabbling held their tongues.It seemed no one wished to board a carriage any longer.
The blue-garbed South Harbor guards kept a ring around the entrance once the horse was led off to the Warrens and Warehouse building with nothing else needed than a few comforting words and the help of a delicous cube of sugar.No one else entered the ring of Merryfools, but there was a kind of isolation felt by the five people kept closer to the city walls.
After a quick assessment, it does appear that the two fallen men will survive, though now with less scars from the healing magic as opposed to the bandages the men were providing.After many appreciative words of thanks, most of the other scribes smiled warmly at the small girl.When the pleas subsided, a woman carrying a gnarled wooden staff stepped forward.
Her silvery hair was held up on the top of her head in an orderly bun, caught in a simple gold-yarn net.Her figure, which still held a volupciousness fuller than most plump girls, was draped in cream colored velvet, exposing the peaks of her pale and powdered bossom.Acrossed her waist was a gold lenth of rope, tied at her side.Acrossed her shoulders was a patch bearing a quill balanced on an upturned anchor, both glinting of gold thread on a small shiled-shaped field of black.Her hands were covered in black leather gloves.She carried a gnarled staff with a difinitive point on one end.Upon the second tap of the staff on the granite floor, the scriveners fell silence.Her voice was crystal, though it held a soft rasp, like the sound of wool wiping glass.
"To places, all.The day is too far gone and we must welcome the guests to the city.Places, places.Houses, to your corners."
In a flash of furied movement, five groups of scribes gathered in small circles.Each one held their writing board and quill at the ready, unstopping the small ink skin at their waist.Beaming with smiles, the readied scribes all looked upon the older scribe like their mother had just promised them sweets.The older woman waved the small child through.
"Come, dear.It is always an honor to be the first to be questioned and recorded."
The older scribe gently scooted the girl towards a man dressed in the navy with silver scrollwork.Though a bruise still marred his fair skin, his smile broadened brightly.Apparently, it was as much an honor for the first questioner as it was for the first questioned.He spoke proudly and practiced.
"Welcome, my lady, to the City of Demarest.May her shade be open to all who need and desire its cover.I ask three questions of you, and you must answer them truthfully.The answers will be spread through out the city gates, and none shall possess your name to do spread falsehood in your name.First, what is your name and title?"After a response, he continues, "From where do you hail?"Again, after a short pause, he finished, "Finally, how many summers have passed since your birth?"
When the mini ceremony has finished, the scribe bows and motions towars the corridor towards the city.At the end of his extended hand lies the wrecked carriage, several Merryfool guards apparently on higher alert.Seven men, all carrying loaded crossbows, were dressed in near blindingly bright blue, several had golden stars, one a piece, acrossed their chest.The carriage lurched a little and there was muttering coming from within.
As the only entrance was blocked into the city, the guards were wary.A voice emitted from the carriage, hollow, and metalic.
"Let no one pass who is not of the five!"A glowing smoke began to seep out of the cracks in the windows and swirl together.One of the guards groaned, raising a blue satin glove to his head.Eryst, frowning at the smoke grumbled under his breath, all those surrounding him catching his words.
"This is not going to be a decent morning for personal pennance."

Okay, guys.This is the end of the introductory chapter.I have character sheets from eveyone... (*coughTALONcough*) and I will put up the begining of the next Chapter.If you have seen anything that tantilizes your fancy, or things you want to change or purchase, such as skills or equipment, feel free to do so.You can PM a new updated character sheet with the changes, otherwise I'll go off the original one.I know you all seem scattered, but I will bring it all together *fingers crossed* so don't worry.I'm having a wonderful time and I appreciate your patience and participation.Alright!Onto Chapter One!
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